Thursday, July 31, 2008

san antonio day two-

soul vacation day 2
san antonio-

before we left the hotel yesterday-
we stopped by the pool to check i t out-
this is what we saw-

a peackock!
of all things- at a hotel pool.
very strange- and pretty.
there were two.
one was pure white.
soulkid called it a
she knew the word-but like me-- it slipped her mind :))
i forgot to get a pic of the POOL- will do that later-

breakfast at cracker barrel - :))
soulman-- wearing soulkids shades-
soulkid- obviously mortified:))
"my dad is a nerd-
and i hate being in photos with the parental units :(( "

this is one of my faves so far.
i have very few photos of the two of them together .

and-- here i am, with soulkid--
right after making one of the MOST stupid mistakes-
EVER in my life.
ok.. ever in the passed few years---
i road a roller coaster with my daughter.
i will admit it was the funnest thing i have done with her in YEARS!
it really was fun.
it was also the first time she has ever ridden a roller coaster and NOT cried-
and the FIRST she has ever ridden with ME-
so, that meant a LOT to me.
i found out the extremely hard and fast way---
that aperson with absolutely NO neck strength-
ride a roller coaster !
i damn near killed myself.
i really did not think about my neck. i did think about my back- but thought it would be ok.
my neck got whipped around on there like a damn ice cube in a blender !
i wouldn't trade that 2 minutes for anything...
i loved it- the experience with soulkid-
but the pain?
no no no no no.

(thanks soulman- nice shot :))

here i am TRYING to recover a little before continuing
after the roller coaster :P

and this would be me at the end of the day-
do i look FAT???

misssin y'all

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


(and i don't have enough battery left to correct any mistakes--like those caps up there-- )

here's one of the things i can look at while i smoke on the balcony--
but it scares me--- makes me think of "The Omen" scary! (when the nanny jumps out the window part
that music.. argh-- creepy.
but in a pretty kinda way :))

and here we are last night-- before headin out to dinnah---
whadda crazy bunch a goons eh?

i have to do my cruisin later on when my battery charges.. cuz i am outside smokin and chokin...
and my batery is litterally on it's last few seconds of life

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

well dammit ! (post # three for today-- already)

hi again..

i'm still sittin on my ass-- but, not for long. i really am about to get up and movin around.

i just wanted to let y'all know somethin. i don't know about about y'all, but as far as i go-- and my bloggin peeps.. i get to where i pretty much care about not just them, but their hubbys and kids too. ya know.. cuz well, what happens to them, of course affects y'all too-- for one. or maybe it is a little more than that- i don't know, but i don't have time to analyze that part of it right now.

but anyhow-- what i'm gettin at is soulman. poor guy is havin it pretty rough this last few days.
you'd think that his little trip down to lake amistad with the boys and his brother would have been really good for him. right? he has never done anything like that before since we have got married. 16 years -- strapped down at home.. and never one to go out and hang with friends or anything like that. he fishes with people now and then, but that isn't often.. once a month for a tournament, and maybe a weekend day here or there. so really i thought he'd have a blast.

did he? well, he did-- but when he got home-- he said "i'm NEVER goin away like that again, i missed you guys".

on top of missing us , i had the little medical "thing" happen, and left him down there to worry for a day and a half of his four. he wanted to come right home when i told him, but really i knew i would be fine and wanted him to stay. but he still couldn't help but to worry. ( i didn't want to tell him til he got back-- but i really had to -- because of the way things were planned.)

so-- anyhow-- like i said-- he got home last night-- well evening.. like 430 - 5 ish. he was whooped too. man he was tired-- and sunburnt.
and of course---- the daughter-- well... PMS galore--- welcome home daddy-- dammit! she was a bear and hardly spoke to him.

moving onto this morning---
lets begin with me-- also with my little visitor-- miss PMS-- (pass me a shotgun)--- :))

now tell me , all that isn't bad enough for a poor ole tired guy who just got back from a long tiring trip--- facing another-- back to back---now get THIS---

a while ago-- just after i posted the video-- to motivate me-- the wind got blown right outta both of our sails-- he was readin some of his web pages-- similar to blogs-- but not-- and found out that one of his friends had got in a motorcycle wreck last night--- and died !
he took it really hard.

we discussed puttin off the trip for a week or so , so he could go to the funeral etc, but he said he would be fine, and the trip would be better for him, and help him take his mind off of it. i hope that's true.
if not, we may end up comin back for an overnighter in a few days to attend the funeral.

my poor hubby--- some vacation eh?
he will still have a full week left on vacation after we get back from san antonio-- i hope the soulman curse will have lifted by then--

but anyhow--
if anyone wants to send him a shout out-- feel free-- he will read any comments you leave here for him-- he does lurk on occasion. :))

anyhow-- i really do suppose i better get of me arse about now.

if i can't get online down there-- i will miss yeeeeewwwww----

just tryin to motivate-- maybe you'll like it too

here is some very cool tunage by Kid Rock-
that sounds Nuthin like his usual style-
i am LUVIN his new CD- altho-- i do skip over a few tracks-
cuz i'm just kinda - well.. old, maybe :))


do ya know me - results

Do Ya Know me results:

Eight people played the game:

I will put highest number correct

Lowest number correct

most unique answer (s)

funniest answer (s)

most outrageous answer (s)

and “most touching” answer (s)

without naming names.

But will say who “knows me best” :))

The players were-

Smocha, mary, AC, angie, Portia,

Charlotte (val), Motha, & Desert Dirt Diva :

- unfortunately- smocha was ousted as winner by default :(( -


Where did we meet? __= outrageous- texas September 2008 !
( I met everyone here blogging- and it's NOT september YET :)) LOL )

--- also outrageous= Gotham :))

Take a stab at my middle name? most missed - two ppl got this one—three if ya count my sis- but she can’t count here--– (it’s sue originally – changed to maiden now-)

Do I smoke? Everyone cept one got this (I LOVE to smoke !)

Color of my eyes? About 50 / 50 here – I must wear shades in my photos too much-

(They’re blue) - (ppl said-green, or brown..or blue-)

Do I have any siblings? Touching – not many people know this- but one - aside from smocha-did mention my brother who is deceased. (And smocha is my sister)

What's one of my favorite things to do? Most common = fishing. Everyone got this one/ I should get paid to fish!

What's my favorite type of music? Funny - Canadian Folk Music (most said classic rock- yup!)

Am I shy or outgoing? Mixed answers—but it’s true--

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? Mixed answers but that’s true too

Any special talents? Unique grippy toes LOL- true tho- and 2 said it !

How many children do I have? Touching - (another not well known to many, but – “one teenage daughter. and two angels.” (someone else mentioned this too- but in email.)

If you and I were stranded on a deserted island, what is one thing that I would bring?
Unique – laptop / and another said my meds and my dog- LOL-- everyone else said fishin stuff

(I would actually LOVE to have it ALL!) greedy bitch eh?

According to the results of this test:

Mary knows me best-


It was loads of fun-


Monday, July 28, 2008

smocha saved me from the dilema of havin nuthin to post today--

if you care to play-- copy and paste this to word on your pc.. and email it back to me-- and i will post the results in form a survey type thing.
it could be fun. :))
y'all can do it on your blogs too- might be fun-- or it just might break our little egos huh..
nobody cares boo hooo. oh well we're big kids, we can take it right?

who wants to play?

my email is

Where did we meet? _____________________

Take a stab at my middle name?______________

Do I smoke?______________________

Color of my eyes?____________________

Do I have any siblings?__________________

What's one of my favorite things to do?__________________

What's my favorite type of music?_____________________

Am I shy or outgoing?___________________________

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?_______________________

Any special talents?________________

How many children do I have?______________

If you and I were stranded on a deserted island, what is one thing that
I would bring?__________

Sunday, July 27, 2008

you'll be ok -- it's a quickie

Dedicated To AC (at: I Know Not What)

much stuff about not much

well, here i was with all these big plans on a big post for the morning. to answer some questions, and explain some new changes in plans-- YES.. AGAIN. geesh. i got up way too early today. it wouldn't have been bad -- or at least not "so bad", id i had been on my normal schedule-- like goin to- or bein asleep by 930- 10 p.m.... but lately-- like passed three weeks, i haven;t been able to get to sleep til around 12 or 1 am. but it just isn;t happenin for me. down at 9 or 10 ok. but not asleep til real late-- and up early several days in a row-- like 3-4 a.m. -- guess what time i got up this morning? 3:33. that's just too flippin weird ! and weird, that i see that number so very often. that didn't even start happening til the year my mom died-- 2005?? hell, i'm not even sure anymore. that's pretty terrible of me huh. prolly better that way tho-- everyone elses death is etched in my mind like a deep wound that won't heal. i'm pretty sure it was o5 tho-- june.
why that matters all of the sudden i have no idea-- so i will move on---

anyhow-- i was starting this post to bitch that i had spent the last hour lookin for some pics to go with it, but couldn;t find any-- so was goin to give up on it-- but now that i look at it-- who needs pix right? it's goins somewhere-- little scattered , but it's movin. so i'll just keep goin with it.

oh, anyhow-- back to 333-- yep-- i was actually sleepin pretty good-- til i suddenly hear some very very loud, and crappy music. so i laid there a minute to figure out where it was coming from.. that didn't take long-- it was coming from soulkids room.. at the opposite end of the house.. ERG... so i had to get up-- walk all the way out there , and of course i go in her room to turn it off-- and i get scolded-- "i'm still awake , leave it alone"-- well, ummm, i'm awake TOO.. thank you very much... "mwa muwa muwa mwa---ugh--- she turns it down.. but of course not enough. i get all settled in with my coffe etc... and i hate to have ANY noise in the morning. but i hear her music still-- and it is the same song--- on repeat-- it's not blasting loud, but i hear it-- clearly, and for the FIFTH time. i couldn't stand it anymore. i go back in there to TRY to turn it off. i'm not familiar with that stereo-- i can't find the buttons.. it's dark.. she wakes up bitchin at me-- i was almost asleep...nag nag nag... uhhhh welll scuze me... i still hear it and i don't want to--- aaaahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrggggg... she turns it down again.. i get back out here -- get comfy-- i still hear the damn thing.
why is it i'm deaf when i want to hear-- and when i don't want to hear, every single sound is amplified??? i finally put on the acoustic rock station on tv. very low of course, but enough to drown out her crap. it's distracting. but that could be a good thing. so far it is.

so --- it's goin on 5 now-- where does the time go? seems the day just drags it's ass when i actually am trying to something productive, but when i'm on here four hours can just disappear in a flash. time goes faster on here than even when i'm fishin. i'd like to know why that is.

so , now that i've written my hour long preface-- is that the word?? :))
i'm havin trouble finding the right words to use lately. but i guess that'll have to do.

but anyhow-- movin on--

i did manage to get the dogs placed in the kennel yesterday. -- did i say that somewhere already? if so-- sorry. if not-- i did. i was relieved that they had space on short notice too. they are closed today for drop-offs, so i had to take em in yesterday-- but i didn't take em til almost five p.m. cuz i didn't want them to stay a minute longer than they had to. i missed them terrible by 8 . i really love my doggies. they are like my kids--- i know y'all think i'm an evil bitch-- but i just don't worry about - or miss my cats like i do my dogs. i feel detached when im not with my dogs. it's like bein away from my kids. ya know.
the cats though? i swear-- they are like havin a running lawnmower , constantly goin through the house-- they really are that irritating and destructive. ugh. i do care about them.. i would never wish anything bad on them.. i just am not attached to them.

ok-- well, i've delayed this part enough i spose. i didn't even wanna put it up. but i had people mention hearing about or knowing about lake amistad-- and then.. wishin me my big fish from there. that i can't just wait two weeks or so to say this. it really may not even be a surprise--
because as you know-- i am ME--- and shit like this just seems to happen to ME-- alot-- and it did-- again.

until i have more specifics on this-- i'll just say that-- "for medical reasons"-- that ought not surprise any of you--- lake amistad has been suddenly pulled from our itinerary. :((
i had to call hubby last night to let him know that i should not drive that far on my own.. especially with two kids in the car-- and that he should come get us.
i'm really not up to that much driving-- and he will have had his four days down there-- so, he will be home monday-- and we will just leave the boat here, and we will only go to san antonio for the vacay thing. there's quite a bit to do there... enough to keep us and the girls satisfied, and happy for a few days. sea world, schlitterban water park, the alamo, the river walk-- with lotsa restaurants, and shopping, a pool at the hotel, --apparently with peacocks walkin around it :)) ,
we'll surely find stuff to keep us busy.
we have been there once before .. like 7 years ago-- our first real family vacation. soulkid was missing her two front teeth. :)) and she was sweet and had a lot of fun, and we didnt even do much that time. so i think this will be a good time.
i got the room on priceline last night-- saved 45 bucks a night doin it that way :)) --- bad thing-- it's a damn NON-smoking hotel. BUT- all rooms have balconies-- so i can smoke out there-- or if it's ground level that won't be so bad either. i don't mind smokin outside so much when it's warm.. but if it's freezin i get pretty pissed off to have to smoke outside after payin for a room.

so anyhow-- my dreams of catchin me a big ole hawg at amistad is put on hold. i do want to go -- sometime. it's just too nice a place to not fish-- at least once. it just can't happen right now. besides,, from the looks of things in san antonio-- with our original plan.. hubby would have still had the boat--and i would have had my car-- and parking is over 20 bucks a day-- and near impossible. like new york. so-- it's all ok.

anyhow-- i've been up for almost 2 hours, and i am soo damn tired i cant stand it-- but i'm not one who can usually go right back to bed... but i'll bet i'll be ready for a nap before noon ! i kinda hope i can pull thru the day today tho-- i do have a lot to do. i did manage to get a lot done yesterday-- just not enough. much i need to do can be done on my ass today tho-- :))

what are y'all doin today????

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i should be fishin-

happy satahday peeps-

i have become quite the procrastinator this passed few months-- okay-- this passed year. it's terrible. i used to be so responsible. somehow i must find that responsible-ness in me again. i can't continue this way. it gets way to overwhelming , and i get way too frazzled when it comes time that i realize just how out of control my life is. it seems so sudden, but i know it isn't sudden. but , not until i'm in the middle of putting everything back together. it's enough to make me crazy. or mono -focussed at minimum. to where all i can think about is how much i haven't done-- have to do--- or will never catch up on. and that only puts me further behind in everything else. my neverending pit. pretty soon, i'll have dug myself a hole to china!

today is my last chance to get a ton of stuff accomplished
before leaving on monday-
the business stuff at least.
the packing, and cleaning can wait til tomorrow if it has to-
but the kennel, post office, banks, (yep--STILL have THREE -eegads.)
fill rx's, pay/mail bills-through like the 10th, that kinda stuff-
all has to be done today.
but any kind of business - this is it for me.
i hate waiting til the last minute-
i never ever used to do this.
it kills me.
i hate to be rushed, yet i always am.
and it's always my own fault.
maybe i need adderoll - for my possible ADD?

regardless of what my problem is-
i am sure hoping that this trip helps in some way.
the getting away from this house- and animals-
and believe it or not- responsibilities- i really do have some.
and just being able to spend time with the clan, and do whatever we want to do-
will help get us all back on track.

cuz-- i don't know exactly when things changed--
maybe around when school let out-
but it really seems like my whole world went to hell-
along with the rest of us (the fam)
i see it in my writing- my relationships-
everything..and everywhere.
i even feel it in my body.
not to mention my mind.
it has to change.
it has to get back to normal.
i have to get back to me.
i hope this is what we need to make that happen.

perhaps it will be a big ole bass at lake amistad...

maybe just a walk down the riverwalk in san antonio?

maybe just gettin the heck outta dodge for a while?
no tellin...
but somethin has to change-
somethin has to make a difference.
not much else seems to be working--
and not for lack of trying.
i have really done a lot to make things better.
but a lot seems to stay the same--
or even seem a bit worse.
i'm doin the best i can to not shut down-- like i'm used to-
like i want to..
but if something pivotal doesn't happen soon-
no matter how big or small it needs to be-
i think i'm gonna be a little worried at the direction this blog is gonna go in.
the writing here lately is just not ME .
it's scrapin the bottom of the barrel, just to write for writings sake,
there is no natural flow-
it's forced, and desperate--
"most of the time"
and i just don't see any sense in writing that way.
i just feel judged -- or maybe just too boring.
"guarded"-- that's the word..
i'm bein too "safe"
no idea--
but if i don't like my posts--
i can only assume that y'all don't either.

but anyhow---
if anyone feels like sayin a prayer or two today-
toss one of em up for me eh?
to get all i need to do done before i have to leave?

so i can do the happy dance--
this one makes me happy--
how can you not smile at THIS:

Friday, July 25, 2008

friday finale

quick update on the outcome of the twelve hour adventure of the day---
it turned out just as i thought it might. yep, soulkid called at like 620 -- havin a heat stroke (not literally) - but she was hot, and exhausted, and ready to be picked up. the concert , which was the main reason she - and the others went today.. not just the 3 extras i drove, but like 3 or 4 more they met there, was only half way over, but she was done. they left the show early, rode one last roller coaster and she called me.
she was the only one i had to bring home, thank goodness. i did not want to take three other kids to three other places. they all came here together this morning, but i was to take them to their homes tonight. so i was happy for the reprieve.
she was in a much better mood after being picked up than on the way there. she even thanked me for the ride (s). i was pleasantly surprised. as i was all prepared for a whole new argument the whole time i drove back out there. phew. i really hate arguing with her. she can be such a sweet kid when she wants to be. too bad she doesn't wanna be more often :))

so anyhow-- yep i was happy to not have to leave late and in the dark. and also to have her back and know she was safe, and not sick, and fed, and home. i know-- she's a big girl now-- but i do worry about her. especially at a place like six flags. that place was horribly packed today. geesh i worry about her being ten minutes late from school, and that's right across the street. am i just weird??

anyhow-- i've been workin on gettin the house and bills, and budget caught up to leave for vacation. we will be leaving early monday morning. i keep forgetting to call the friggin kennel though. ugh. by the time i finally did remember to call today it was 7 pm, and they had closed at 6. if i don't remember to call tomorrow--i'm in big trouble. i may be anyways. they're closed on sunday-- so if a) they don't have space this coming week.... or b) i forget to call-- i don't know what i'll do on monday when it's time to leave. i may be stuck here an extra day trying to find a place to leave the dogs. i sure can't take them with us. (the cats have always done fine on their own when we go away though , so i'm not worried about them.. but the dogs-- ugh.)

so -- that's about it for this day--

soulman called a while ago-- he left this morning at like 2 a.m. and is already down in del rio-- at lake amistad. he met down there with a few guys he knows...and his brother ended up going too. they all fished today, and apparently caught lots and lots of fish.. but none over 3 1/2 pounds. he said it was real windy though-- 30 mph maybe. sposed to be like 17 mph tomorrow-- i sure hope it's not windy like that when i get there. from what i have been readin and seein online-- there are some huge fish/bass in that lake--- my ten pounder is there-- i feel it in my bones. ok.. maybe my 7 pounder. but i am gonna get my biggest bass ever there-- i hope.

so-- quick change of subject before i go--
i haven't had a chance to find out what this means yet , but that's my next stop before i go to bed....
but , take a look at this video-- then tell me which way you see her turn.. clockwise? or counter-clockwise.
i'll give my answer after some of you do. k? i just want to see what the majority answer is first. cuz my answer on the page i got it from.. was not the same as the others. hmmmm.

which way did she turn? did she change directions at all?

my kid is tryin to kill me---

i don't have time to post anything-- right now-- i am being forced to take her-- and two friends to six flags -- in a few minutes. she had a ride-- there and back planned and ready.. that canceled last night--- peachy, right. hmm. i would not have agreed to this. i cannot see in the dark to drive. besides that? i am in my jammies early-- and i have to go pick these kids up at ten tonight. omg. it'll kill me. friday night DFW traffic , with night blindness. the last time i drove in the dark, i was having a mental attack, and i didnt even notice i was blind. :))
i'm already pissed off and haven't even left the house.

so-- that's where i'm at today--- but i have a lot to do to keep my mind off of it today-- i hope. i bet i'll be worried too much to accomplish a thing. like heat stroke. 12 hours at six flags-- in 100 + degrees. that is just too ridiculous. i wonder which one of these kids had that bright idea. i also wonder which one will be ill first. mine is already whining about being tired. she'll be sick as a dog by the time i pick her up at ten--- if she makes it that far. she already doesn't last very long in the heat. wth was she thinkin. or me for that matter to agree to this . just shoot me.

here is a very choppy spliced video i put together-- of a few soul moments.. fishin. or attempting to :))

happy friday!!!!!

crap i gotta fix it-- :((

utube is bein a bitch and i gotta go-- come back latah-- :)) sorry

well, i'm finally back-- from hell- hour. ugh. it was actually longer than that, but that's about how long i was forced to spend with four kids-- mine, and three boys. the boys were fine. polite, and and actually drown out by the blasting stereo-- soulkids tool she uses to keep me from embarrassing her by speaking. i promise that little trick-- on top of here downright rudeness towards me.. is gonna backfire, in a very abrupt, and not so kind way one of these days. i am soooo done with that crap.

anyhow--- here is the video-- finally.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

pop tarts give me heartburn

howdy folks---


yep-- i am-- i'm losin my mind peeps. but that's alright i'll find it somewhere-- eventually.

i've been like this for a week though-
and it doesn't seem to be changing.

i was laid out for two days after the last PT session.
i had the worst headache of my entire life.
and i tell ya- i have had ALOT of headaches in my life.
and alot of them i have said were the worst.
but this was really the WORST.
i trembled in pain. i writhed in pain.
and i puked from the pain.
if not for hubby i am certain i would have laid there for days,
until i got the nerve to call someone for help-
prolly 911-- seein as i don't know anyone here.
it was really really bad, and i thanked hubby,
and GOD, that i had hubby to help me.
i was in bed for hours like that until he came home from work.
he immediately called the pharmacy for medicine, that i didn't have,
and they got it ready right away-- which is usually unheard of.
it was just pure hell.
i hadn't felt so hell-pless in a very long time.
and i did not like it.

yesterday i called physical therapy, and canceled the rest of my sessions.
i just can't risk feelin that bad again. they really did work me too hard for only the second time.
besides that-- three days a week? i don't even feel good three days a week. what the hell was i thinkin??? how the hell am i sposed to drive half an hour -- do that shit for an hour, and drive half an hour back-- and still expect to DO a damn thing, or feel half way decent/??
what a dumb ass. ugh. so yep-- that's over with.

hmmm.. what else?
oh-- bad chicken--

ate me some "little too old" chicken last night. :((
and paid the price this mornin.
not fun.
just so ya know.
gotta cut back on my guesstimate of how long to keep chicken in the fridge.
good thing i was the only one who didn't get fast food last night.
figures doesn't it?

welp-- i have to go run errands , and get ready for this vacation thing.
before it changes AGAIN.
seems that pensacola isn't gonna happen.
we've gone from
chorpus christi
to south padre
to p-cola
to lake amistad
to pensacola
lake amistad
would somebody make up our mind?

hope you all have happy days today
i shall cruise around when i return.

oh-- for your viewing pleasure--
martha stewart -- on crack :))

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Brad at waconda Road started this , just showing on Google Maps, where ya live.
and seein as i have not a damn thing to say today --HERE is my house :
brad has TREES.. Val.. has TREES and a LAKE.. me? nuttin hunny---

whaddayou got??

happy tuesday!

Monday, July 21, 2008

well hell -

howdy folks-

i have the news on tv. well, it's been on for a while actually, the news. anyhow, it's hot here in Texas-- very hot- it got to 102 degrees today. i was just sitin here thinkin about when our air conditioner broke. it was -- i'm just guessin, i don't even remember, but it was just startin to get hot, so maybe high 70's. oh hell, i don't know. thinkin back on it- i just remember bein friggin hot. but anyhow. earlier they mentioned that a baby had been taken to a fire station, because she had been left in a day care van in the heat---- for five and a half hours. just hearing that took my breath away. how do you just forget about a baby for almost six hours, was my first thought. where the hell did they think she was...didn't they notice her missing, then of course ya think about the parents, or the mom, or whatever. what the hell man. drop your kid off to go to work, and before the day is over you find out someone locked her in a damn 200 degree car all day. holy crap. when i first heard it, they had no idea of her condition yet-- well, they just updated it, and she died. 18 months old. too sad. and someone needs their ass kicked. maybe a couple someones.

anyhow-- i had physical therapy today. i had to do some exercises, and then heat and a giant tens unit for my back, and a massage just long enough to piss me off. maybe ten minutes, on my neck mainly- and back of my head. very weird. but i felt worse leaving than when i got there. and i am not lookin forward to the next one. or the one after that. blah.

i'm tired today and i have to finish cookin dinner-- after that- i do believe i will go to bed early-- or maybe watch a movie. i have some kind of scary movie i got the other day, and now i don't even remember what it is. better get it watched and get a new one tomorrow... maybe.

i think i smell my chicken burning---

later peeps

Sunday, July 20, 2008

third attempt at gettin this post up --

now that my new news is old news -- it just doesn't seem like i should even bother posting it-- but-- it's all i have to talk about right now... so you're stuck with it --

let's start with yesterday -
i actually got my kitchen cleaned up -
i know, i am as shocked as y'all --
but this may shock you even more.
it sure shocked soulkid.
her response?
"who does that??"
to what was she referring to?
well that, would be THIS -

i've threatened to do it a thousand times-
but i finally did it.
i threw all my damned dishes in the garbage !

even the animals stared at me in disbelief,
that i had crossed over the edge-
mom was finally
and had now done something -
well a bit outrageous-

the child fled, the animals scattered,
and hubby washed the pans etc, that i did have sense enough
to NOT throw away-

which left me the time to clean my fridge -
which desperately needed it-
from the rotten bell pepper that i feared the thought of touching -
to the smoothie from taco bell - which i do not recommend btw-
that was spilled for God knows how long in the entire lower half of the fridge--
to include under the veggie bins -- which as you know is the hardest part to clean.

last time my fridge looked like that-
i was movin in here-
and it was empty-

i also watered my plant-
anybody know what it's called?
it's the only live plant in this place-
my first attempt in several years to keep something aside from a child alive.
so far so good.
but i think it needs a bigger pot.
just afraid i'll kill it if i move it.

after all that --
and a little more-
and trying to nap, but failing-
we decided to go to the store to replace our dishes.
i thought it would take ten minutes to pick out some dishes and be done -
ummm.. not.
we're us, remember-
we ended up at two stores.. and still found nothin worth a crap -
so we left-- with no dishes -- but planning to go today to get some.
but i did manage to find the most coolest shirt ever --
wanna see?

and you know i had to get it -
and i did.

i had actually cooked a real meal last night too -
just lost the order where it belongs in here-
somewhere between --
ahh yes... my failed nap - and the dish shopping fiasco.
we got home from the store just in time to finish it up --
and eat it on our fine china ware-
yep - only the best paper plates for us.
we had cornish hens, stuffing, and corn.
and man-o-man was is yummy.

then - we went fishin -

of course i didn't catch anything.
i did miss several. i'm just slow lately i guess.
hubby got 2 or 3.
and i ended up leaving my shoes there when i left.
cuz i ended up steppin in some very smelly - gooey- mossy- mud.
blech ...

even eevee wonered
WTF... moms favorite shoes?

so yep-- that was yesterday-
i finally did make it to bed-
but sleeping was out of the question apparently .

i went to bed like this-

i was up every five minutes between midnight and 230-
when i finally gave up- and got up-

i was like this-- but worse-
so i took a imitrex shot-- and drank a bunch of coffee-
and in a couple hours i felt a bit better.
enough to think some fresh air mught help me feel better.

so i bet you guess what i did right?


but as for the rest of my day?
it has been a totally nuthing day.
i was hot as hell by the time i left the pond-
not to mention dyin of thirsty-
and ready to fall asleep and fall in with the fishies--
so i came on home, cooled off, drank, ate--
and yall know me well enough by now to know where i ended up-

in bed--
for like 2 or 3 hours--
maybe more.

i got up around 5 pm ish-
and by 9 i was back in bed !

by 11:30- back up--
wide awake-
it's 12:50 a.m. now almost--
and i am about to try to go back to sleep-
but somethin tells me
i won't be very successful.
and will be cruisin around here in a couple more hours-

so, i reckon i will go now-

happy weeks peeps-

Saturday, July 19, 2008

i'm gonna live - til i die - sing it peeps- if ya know the tune

i can't believe the weather today - any other day it would be 90 degrees by now--- instead? it's like not even 80 yet... and what am i doin? gettin prepared to face my kitchen HELL.
what would i RATHER be doin?
THIS !!!
of course !

(well, surely not naked-- but maybe-- :))

BUT- instead---
even cats are havin better luck than me lately -
so they can fish-
and i shall clean my sty-

BUT speakin of fishin-
wanna see a sad sad thing?
someone has altered our fishin fairy !!!
yes it's true ladies.
i was mortified when i saw him.
are you ready for this?
oh , it is a horrible transformation...
assuming you have seen the original photo--
here is our altered,
"not naked anymore- fishing fairy"

my heart is shattered-
how bout you?

i'm thinkin the only thing that might save me-
is spendin money-
on myself-of course-
i found these shirts-
and i want them-
along with the sloth hat-
that i still haven't bought-


that on--
and THIS one-

and i think you all saw the hat- i don't have the pic anymore.

IF i manage to get my work DONE
i just might reward myself with the above items.

i have been found out--
someone has discovered my nasty-ass kitchen
AND put it online-

oh hell--
the SHAME-

(it's really not mine--
but it's not far-off.)
see why i'm such a tortured -soul??

AND my floors?
i wish i had some of THESE-
they would help i think-
and might even make cleanin the floor a bit fun :))


even though i am a slug from HELL-
i am prepared for battle today-
and am not gonna sit-
or leave the house-
until this shit pen of a house
is finito today !
God willing.

oh-- for smocha--
here is YOUR next kitty purchase
you really have crossed the line ya know
but i sure thought of YOU when i saw this-


anyhow peeoples-
IF i actually DO manage to finish my shit today
without dying-
i just may run away-
me and portia have some long overdue plans-

-- so do me and jamie for that matter-
anyone else wanna run away?--

i hope you all have happy-
" happy dance" kinda days in your worlds-
cuz if i don't-
i just may go to bed for the rest of the weekend-

Friday, July 18, 2008

in todays soul-news

nothin exciting at all.

unless ya wanna include lookin like this:

- no, not like a man-
like a fool !
with all the gadgets attached to his face-
well, MY face.
i think it's some kind of "level" , like the tool.
to show how off balance you are i guess. :))
i had to ask him (the PT guy)
how can you not laugh at people with this on them?
he said he was used to it-
but i think i couldn't help myself- i would have to laugh -
it looks sooooo stupid-
and yes, i felt very stupid wearin it.

so anyhow--
that was just for a few minutes,
and i had to do the turning and twisting
and gettin mashed on and pressed on
all that painful stuff

then after that i had to do a couple exercises--
neither too strenuous-
but one bein
this :
-except i was sittin on the edge of a bench-
NOT on the floor like that

and the other one was
like a bike- but usin your hands/arms -
it was actually harder than it looks-
maybe not if you don't have pain-
in your back, neck, shoulders,
and just about everywhere else-
but in that case--
i only lasted two of the three minutes i was supposed to go.
can we say wuss?
i was sooo ashamed of myself-
but hey- it hurt-
what was i sposed to do-

so anyhow--- i go 11 more times in the next month or five weeks- or somethin like that--
then they will re-evaluate me-- if it is doin any good they'll decide if i should keep goin for a while-- and if it isn't doin any good- decide if i should continue- or quit. etc etc etc. you know the drill.

good thing about the first visit?? i don't have to pay a dime out of pocket--
woo-hoo ! bout time the damn insurance pays off . they've done nothin but screw me over for the last two or three years--- but somehow-- i guess with my deductible paid, for some reason, i have a certain amount for this type of stuff that i don't have to pay per year.
strange-- but hell, i'll take it-
i expected a high dollar co-pay today.
so i was pleasantly surprised.

and now?
i must go to bed.
i have been tired most of the day, but even when i did try to take a nap earlier--i just laid there and couldn't sleep. dunno why---so i went fishin. but didn't catch anything. dunno why for that either. cuz hubby got two or three. i got bites, just couldn't get the fish. dammit.
so. i'm gonna try to sleep again.

somethin else i failed to do today???? my damned kitchen. i'm gonna set this place on fire if i don't get it done tomorrow. but i will-- i say i WILL-- :)) -- get it done tomorrow.

goo-night y'all

another day in soul-land

howdy folks--
told ya i'd be here--sooner or later-- it's later-- but here i am.
i cannot believe how boring i have become. and it's not even just on the blog-- it's everywhere. i'm just -- well, ugh. i don't even know. just not with it kinda person lately. not sure what to do about that-- or obviously it woulda been done by now. but hey-- i'm tryin, all kindsa different things-- to get back to my old self-- i guess i just haven't found out what it is i need to do-- yet.

i've tried extra meds-- for extra sleep---
which for the last few nights seems to help-
i'm up late--- but seem to sleep later than normal too- some days as late as 7 !!
that hasn't happened in years!
but then i'm hungover in the day--
and accomplish zilch!

so tell me--
which is worse?
little to no sleep-
or too much sleep, and being comatose in the daytime??
i just can't win.

regardless, mornings are rough either way-
whether i sleep or not-
i am an awful bitch for the first couple hours of every day lately.

i may as well include
aaalll day--
every day.

i'm almost certain that much has to do do with my lack of energy.
which leads to my lack of accomplishment-
which leads to my house becoming and remaining a pig-sty-
which makes me depressed-
and angry-
because no one seems to want to help me get caught up-
and the constant worry of the worsening PILEAGE -
thoroughly exhausts and depresses me-
then gives me headaches and even more pain from added stress-
and the cycle continues-
until i simply verbally attack anyone in sight-
for what seems to them "no reason-
when in reality-
it's a week or two of built up rage. :))

sooo- who wants to "visit" for a couple days??

not sure if i mentioned it-
but a few days ago-2 maybe??
can't remember--
but i did manage to get caught up on a few things-
one being wally hell!
spent over 200.00 on friggin groceries---
only to decide that i still cannnot manage to clean the fuckin kitchen--
which also means
i cannot cook in there either.
so-- what's that mean?

YEP- you guessed it---
still goin out-
well, last night anyhow.
the night before we ate junk food for diner that didn't require cooking-or dishes.
last night- we took the kid to the mall..
and hubby and i- dropped a hefty 50-- on damned dinner.

just kill my irresponsible self.

so anyhow----
if my damn kitchen doesn't kill me ,
these friggin peein, pukin cats will-
we still haven't decided to keep- or dismiss spot yet.
you know- she's been with us since she was born-
so has jitterbug-
we can't just dispose of her-
but ugh-
i can't stand all these animals destroying my house.

so ---anyways---
my plan of the day for today??
i must clean my kitchen--- if nothing else--
top to bottom, including the fridge and floor-
or i will have a stroke-
or jump offa bridge-

i have physical therapy-- yep cheryl--you remembered :))

i'll let y'all know how that goes--
the appt is at 3-- 2:45 for the dreaded paperwork-- you know how that goes.
i hope they don't hurt me.

hoping you all have happy days in your worlds today-
i know some of y'all are havin a rough go of it---
but i do hope that takes a break- at least for a day-
it's friday-
we all deserve a good day once in a while-
why not make it today