Monday, February 23, 2009

the cat down there has the rythm for almost any song

too bad i can't dance anymore--- i lost my groove a LONG time ago.
what is it about the two small words "i do" ?
seems once those words were exchanged-- we never danced again. well, ok not never again-- but it is like a distant memory these days... and we used to go every single friday night. well, until -- you know.

anyhow-- i just thought i would check in with you folks... i'm behind again i know--
just kill me guys. i just can't seem to get or stay caught up with anything. ever. and now -- three days a week are half gone , before i even know what hit me. the outpatient thing takes more time than it should-- or than i thought it would.
is it worth it? hmm.. dunno yet. i only talked in there once (in the last hour it's when it gets down and dirty.) and so, i got in the hot seat-- somehow--- and off i went. it wasn't terrible... but it wasn't fun either.

so-- like i said -- i'm goin to bed -- before i babble like a brook..
speakin of a brook-- where's summer? spring would be ok too. i wanna go fishin.

oh well-- all in it's own time.
i was gonna say -- all in good time... but the word good, just doesn't fit lately--

hoping you all are happy in your worlds--