Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i've always been a geek

howdy peeps---

i was looking through pix earlier today to see if i could find any showing my missing jewelry. i only found a couple. this, being one of them. not a good shot of the ear rings-- but one of my fave pix. it was taken when my nephew was living with us for a while. leave it to me to put us all in the same shirt. ugh. i do like the picture... but c'mon. tell me a 14 year old boy didn't think that was the geeky-est thing he'd ever been forced to do? sorry weis! i love you!

(PS: before i forget--- :)) ---- i don't EVER go on facebook anymore)

back to your regularly scheduled reading ....

anyhow-- yep-- those ear rings are one of the things that got ripped off in the move.

my aunt (dads sis) gave them to me.
she died suddenly and unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm almost a year after my dad died of cancer.
oooohhhh... i wish i would hear something more about what's goin on with this guy. why isn't he in jail? they know he robbed me. aren't they supposed to arrest him or something?? wth? i'm so pissed of about that still.

i'm so rusty at writing. i have no idea what to say here. sorry. i did a little cruisin and sayin hi today. that's about all i had time for , was to say hi. i was on my way to the dr. and errands . if i haven't got to your place yet-- i will.

welp-- things are just rollin along here. i'm still puttin stuff away, and my kitchen is my biggest dilemma. i have little storage, and no clue where to put anything. i've also been peeling wallpaper in the guest bathrooom for thelast couple days. i have a plan... but little energy. that's not good. i have the paint too-- goin "sage green". it'll be cool, if i ever get it finished. i also need to hang my pictures and do all that stuff too. otherwise i'd be showin ya pics of the place. i have the small stuff put up for the most part-- i mean no boxes are stacked around. but not much decor is goin on either. who wants to come help? i have no sense of martha stuart-ism.

angie was here again tho, btw. she helped us get the beginning stages of the unpacking and sorting done. i wouldn't be this far without her help. she's a miracle worker--and a great friend. i'd be standing in the middle of a sea of clutter if not for her. prolly in the old house :))
thanks angie-

welp folks-- i gotta go forage for food--

hope yall are well and happy today--
catchya later-