Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WTH - Wednesday

man o man peeples -
i really gotta stop that. - the sleep bloggin. it never turns out well.
i did do good about (not) smokin tho. (yes i was in bed too ) i usually just about burn the damn house down when i push myself to stay awake. and don't bother askin why i do that . i can't answer . i don't know. i always complain about not bein able to sleep -- but then when i am tired -- or even over tired -- i fight to stay awake like i'm gonna miss something. ugh. i have issues. what can i say? nuthin. no excuse for my bad behavior.

anyhow -- i noticed i skipped -- or missed -- forgot -- whatever -- the main part of my texting while driving story -- wanna hear??? anyhow -- i'll tell ya regardless.
i was trying -- very hard -- to tell soulman that i was driving and couldn't text. all i was trying to write was "drivin".. like i usually do. so anyhow -- all i could get out on my three attempts was -- "se" -- yep-- three times. finally -- i managed to type "call".
so, a few minutes later, he calls me. i can't see-- and i have a very hard time if i look at the radio-- gps- phone whatever-- then back at the road... so when i looked at the phone and back to the road -- ugh, well, i was over the line -- headin to the wrong side of the road-- luckily -- i was on the opposite side of one of the very few 'hills' in this town :)) --- but what do you think i saw coming over the hill??? i saw the top of a black n white !! yep a cop car !!! holy crap ! (i thought) .
could you imagine? hittin a damn cop - head on -- while cell phoning and driving??
that , i imagine, would NOT make for a good day. ya think?
so anyhow-- luckily -- very luckily i should say -- i had recovered my position before his windshield made it over the "hill". can we say "panic attack" ?
bleh. so anyhow -- i was very happy i did not hit that cop. and yes -- i kept the call short -- it was about eevee and her vet stuff. ugh. kids. what can ya do.

ok. so anyhow- WTH has happened ? did i blink? last week, i filled my car up with gas. i think i paid like 2.19 a gallon. maybe even 2.16. what the hell ? this morning my fuel light came on while takin soulkid to school. so, on the way home, i stopped -- at the same station as before -- guess what i had to pay for gas? 2.45 !!! WHY???
what gives?

i have to get to the grocery store today too... i'm afraid to go. y'all don't wanna know how long it's been since i been there. i'm sure the sticker shock will drop me to my knees. UGH.

i think i'm done.. another busy day ahead, but thank the Lord.. not AS busy as lately.

it's cold and raining and i just wanna get right back into my jammies and light the fire.
i'm hoping hubby can pick up the child today-- if so-- after my runnin around is done-- so am I --- :))

happy humpday my friends... stay warm, stay dry , and be happy today !