Thursday, September 17, 2009

i just wanna be normalllllllll ---- i wanna go out to lunch = UGH p - date

why can't i just be normal????
guess i should be grateful.
if not for me, then for the others who are gettin their stuff back.
and i am. especially for the lady who is getting her things back from her dead son.
how dare these people. if they be called 'people. mother fuckers!!!
pardon my language , but they deserve no better term than that. animals
is what they are, if that even. at least animals have emotions.
ugh. i am livid. i haven't been there yet, but do have an appointment to go today and look to see if anything I own is there. i can only hope. and i do.
there is a possibility, so i am holding on to the shred of hope that my stuff is there.
if it is, then the police out there will be happy to have a couple of new suspects to look at. and of course i will be thrilled to no end to have my stuff-- and to watch -- no doubt on the news even -- these assholes-- and lots of them -- be hauled in shackles and chains to the cages they belong in . and what a relief that will be.

so anyhow-- my sistah is off and safely at her true home in england , with her husband and her babies; where she belongs. it was a bit hard for me-- and i am sure much more -so for her and them... as i watched her say her good-byes to her friends.
it seemed a little bit weird for me to see her have so many 'true' friends, honestly care for her-- and her for them. it has been a long time since i have spent a lot of time with her -- but when i did -- her kids were young, and she didn't have the opportunity to have that kind of life --- you know , to actually go out and have friends and do things, etc . it was the three kids, hubby, /or single/ stay at home thing.... and i was happy for her... silently. but i know she'll read this-- so now she'll know --
but anyhow-- i was worried her flight may get delayed or even canceled last night -- so i paid for a pretty cool thing for my phone to make sure she got out-- and landed safely and on time-- she did-- even landed early. so anyone wonderin-- there ya have it-- oh-- i already told ya-- hmmm.... senile much?

ok-- anyhow-- i have more--- but it's time to take my child to school-- so i will update around 12 or 1 texas time--- and tell you if any of my stuff was at the police station.
i have a feeling -- there or not-- it will actually be a bit depressing to actually look at all the stuff -- knowing how many peoples lives have been rocked the way mine has in this mess. even if it isn't the same people--- it really is like being physically violated as much as anything. it's just a bad feeling. i want these assholes busted. ugh.

i must go--
be back latah peeps

happy-- day


well, THAT was an experience.
one i hope NOT to repeat again ... ever. it rained the entire way there -- and back. it was also further than i had remembered it being to get out there. UGH. and of course, i hadn't planned on the wait to get in there to look at the stuff being almost an hour long. OR my conversations with the other victims being so gut-wrenchingly pitiful. i did however expect to NOT find anything that belonged to me.... figures i would be correct on THAT part eh?
but. i wasn't the only one who left empty-handed. bummer.
so anyhow, i'm just beat right now. physically, emotionally, and every other way there is to be beat. i have less than an hour before i gotta go get my child, and i'm gonna soak up the silence , and lack of driving the best i can while i have the chance.

see ya tomorrow folks--- if i survive this day that is.
think i could make it through life without driving -- ever again????
me neither--- but one can hope, right?