Saturday, January 23, 2010

lost at sea - or up a tree ?

mornin peoples -

yeah, i know- i'm behind in my comments-- err, replies. i'll get to those when i finish this post. (i mean when i can)

i just wanted to talk a little (yeh right - huh?) about yesterday, and my disappearing act.
well, ya see; i was a bit over taken, by life. i bet there's an acronym in there somewhere. i'll work on that later. maybe.

so anyhow- the day just did not go the way i planned. or wanted it to.
wanna know what i DID have planned?

1- take kid to school --- check
2- come home pay bills online (some late) ---- nope
3- take shower, and get ready for lunch 'date' -- nope
4- go to luch w/ JLEE - pick up completed portrait of 'Patrick' --- nope
5- get a haircut-- nope
6- wash car- nope
7- register car- finally- (in person, cuz too late to do online) - noop
8- pick up stuff at store -- not that either
?- maybe even fish a bit-- naaaaah
9-come home/ sort tax rc'ts / fix dinner/ (skip the kid cuz stez got her- and took her shoppin)
10- eat and chillax with the fam. -- not

so. what did happen?

1- woke up-- lookin forward to seein jlee, and the portrait :))
2- went online to check my bank- and pay my "late" car- and other bills
3- noticed i had a horrible VIRUS on my puter

4- got really pissed off- cuz i go nowhere but banks, bills, blogs, and emails on here.
5- like a madwoman, i tried everything and anything i could think of to kill the virus
6- remembered a dr appointment-
7- canceled lunch with jlee
8- worked on puter MORE
9- when it was too late to fix-- found out dates were wrong and DIDN'T have a DR appt at ALL.
10- so continued to blindly work on puter
11- a miracle happened-- and somehow-- my puter illiterate self managed to FIX it and kill the virus !! yes i was amazed and surprised--and damn proud of myself too.
12- but-- i was so freakin mentally exhausted - i ate canned ravioli -- i know YUM right
13- went directly to bed- did not pass go- or collect any other accomplishments for the day- apx at 230- or so.
14- woke up at after 8 pm !!!
15- i was stahvin-- but found nuthin to eat in the place that even sounded appetizing--imagine how it looked. (note to self : grocery shop dammit)
16- tried to remove the exact virus from z-chids computer-- to NO avail.
17- watched SVU , and chatted with my girl
18- went back to bed around 11:30 or 12:00

how's that for up a tree?

or perhaps a day in the life of schleprock?
i was just lost-

but-- as they say-- today is a new day-- i can either stay pissed off and depressed cuz things didn't go my way===
or i can start over- and hope for the best today. right?
every dog has their days i reckon. or-- sloth, in my case. :))

happy saturday y'all