Friday, October 29, 2010

so guess what

you wouldn't guess in a million years.  so- i'll just tell ya.  last night - i'm chillin in my room, hubby was in the livin room, watchin football- or baseball.. whichever. two games - two home team losses.  makes not a happy soulman.  so, he was cruisin online while the games were on.  he comes across a -- are ya ready?  a golf cart!  NO! we don't golf.  never have.  mini golf. sure. don't need a cart for that tho.  anyhow -- yeh sure call us lazy -- he texts me.  don't you text folks in the next room?  admit it - you do -- at least sometimes.  ok. so he texts me.. with a photo of


and there i am.. it's like 10 or 11 pm, i've had my meds... so -- yeh.. i'm chillin...
 i'm like .. aaaaaand???
he says -- do ya want it? 
ummmm... whyyyy would i want a golf cart?   
you could ride it up to the creek , and go fishin!
hmmm.. my wheels start turnin.  -- it is awful CUTE!  :))  then i start thinkin....  hmmm, in a year or two i won't have a drivers license -- this sure beats a bike.  besides that-- my kid walks to the park/creek a lot and i worry-- she could ride this- and i might not worry so much.  and i just keep thinkin-- it's soooo darn cute!  and it's cheap too!  cheap as a weekend away.  i just think it's a cheap- good lil investment-- that we'll actually use.  i'd be much more likely to take that around the block- or to the creek- or even the post office -- than a bike... on a nice day.  even y'all know that.  even with my kid.  i think it would be fun.  or even me n sushi!!!  can you picture that.. me n sushi cruisin the neighborhood?  hmmmm.

so anyhow-- i go ahead and and tell him.. after very little thought... sure-- i'll take it!!  
he called from work this morning to make sure i was really 'ok' with it.. not just the xanax and oh it's so cute-- talkin.  :))  i told him yeh-- i want it.  hell.. a recumbent bike i want is like 300.00 and this isn't a whole lot more.  and if my legs and neck etc don't get any better-- it will still be able to be used-- unlike a bike.  right. 

you should see the images in my mind of it all -- 'souled- up".  hahahahaha

there's another angle.
you wanna go cruisin with me dontchya!?

there's plenty of room for rods and tackle -- or sushi and even eevee.  or like i said-- my kid.. even soulman, if he wanted to go along.  yes.  go on.  call me crazy.  but hey-- i have been without a drivers license before -- only a couple months.. and even me -- the one who hates to go out-- i had my moments that it drove me nuts to not be able to go get cigs or go fishin or at least somewhere.  with this i'll have at least the opportunity to go 'somewhere'.  i think it'll be fun.

anyhow- what else can i bore ya with?  hmmmm.  i don't know.  wanna hear somethin amazing?  my kid is actually upstairs cleaning!!!!  the music that blares down the stairs is about to kill me, but the fact that she is cleaning up there is -- well, that might kill me too -- of a heart attack from disbelief or somethin.  good lawd. it's like ripping limbs off that girl to get her to clean.  really.  but well.. i'm sure i'll pay for it in the end. i don't care tho.  whatever it is she wants-- if it means a clean house -- i'll take it!!!

i have been sittin at this desk for far too long.  i can tell ya that.  i have three choices today.  i think.  i could go take care of business.  i should rather.  or i could spend the day in my warm quiet bed.  you know that is prolly what will win out.  especially now that the pain is worsening.  or i could clean up a few rooms downstairs, and maybe do some laundry.  but-- that's too easy to get out of -- cuz 'i don't feel good'.  besides that?  it's freakin freezin in here.  and i don't know why.  that was a quick damnb turn of the weather.  bleh.  it'll prolly warm up quick tho-- so i don't wanna turn on the heat or anything.  but man i wasn't expectin it to be this cold this morning.

ok y'all... i shall shut my face -- uhhhh, fingers.  and set ya free.

i'll be around later-- i owe everone a visit - i suck as a friend.  i'm so sorry.
hope you all have wonderful weekends and halloweens-- enjoy the little ones!  yours or not--
we don't get trick-or - treaters .. and it gets boring.  we have never lived anywhere that kids come to the house.  :((  either we were always takin ours out-- or others just never came when ours started goin with her friends.  bummer.  they're so cute. 
wow.. that just made me wish i had room in my garage for my car-- freakin hoodlums!
bwa hahahahahaha

happy friday!