Friday, February 22, 2008

holy hell....

i sure hope y'all had better nights last night than i did.
i really don't think this is bronchitis... it gradually got worse last night--- if i was the doctah i claim to be :)) -- i would say i have the friggin FLU! (maybe WITH bronchitis?)

i get bronchitis maybe once a year-- never have i puked-- or had the body aches, and headaches that this has brought with it. i couldn't sleep last night almost all.. i got "sick" like half an hour after i took my sleep meds.... which meant-- even though it crossed my mind that i "lost them"... it also crossed my mind-- that if i didn't-- taking more could mean an overdose. so, i didn't, and i did fall asleep--- later than normal... then woke up about every forty five minutes throughout the rest of the short night.

my recommendation to y'all? not that ya asked, but .. i haven't had a flu shot-- feeling immune to the flu-- since i was like ten. or maybe i had to get em in the navy-- i'm not sure. anyhow-- i have never "willingly" gone and had a flu shot .... now i wish i would have. perhaps you should?

i am in hell. and i obviously laid on my back way too much yesterday-- from about 3pm.. til maybe 430 am this morning. not good for the ole bones.

so--- ? have ya heard enough whining yet?

i'm such a crybaby. damn. but well, this is where i dump my crybaby attacks..and y'all are the "lucky" ones who get to read about them.

ok-- anyhow-- today is FRIDAY--- for those who care.
i hope y'all make it a good one...

i will be cleaning my three day old kitchen :(( it's do or die, as far as that goes.
other than that-- if i don't pass out first--- i will planting myself-- upright-- once again in my chair all day.

stay well--and have happy days in your worlds today!