Wednesday, November 11, 2009

today can only be better right?

mornin folks--

well, kinda. it's not even 3 a.m. yet. i've been up since 230. and awake every hour since i laid down. well, i should say every hour since i fell asleep-- which was around 9-ish. yes i am exciting. and don't you forget it. :))
actually, yesterday was a pretty busy day and i was damn exhausted. and just when i thought it was over-- it was a trick! i was all comfy in my jammies, just finished my beef-a-roni :)) , was all settled in and half way through a recorded dr. house from monday night. seems like forever since i've even seen house. wth happened? it hasn't even been on in like two weeks-- i finally get to see it... and my entire night goes to hell. i'll just say-- that i did a lot of runnin around, along with a lot of work here, then i had just got back from takin soulkid dinner to school @ 5:00, cuz she had rehearsal til "8". so i start to finally chill out --' til 8 ' -- or even better-- hoping soulman would go get her-- since we all know i can't drive in the dark. did that work out that way? well, of course not. there i am all chilled out-- and the dogs go berserk. sushi is the worst with that high pitched yap-- 8 out of ten times over nothing-- and seemingly all day yesterday-- over nothing. finally i get up to see WTH.. and there's soulman just standing at the front door-- glass i might add. talkin on the phone instead of comin in and shuttin the damn dogs up. so i go open the friggin door. he comes in and i'm ready to chew him out AND kick the dogs... but no of course i did neither.
hi honey.
well, soon as he walks in and hangs up-- MY phone rings-- it's soulkid-- at 6:30! ready to be picked up. dammit i was JUST there! but soulman did not want to go right back out after getting home from work. so i went. i was much more angry than i should have been, i felt like an ass. i got over it-- but i did go get her of course. and took her to get her hair primpy stuff. ooooh i was hateful. i tried not to be, and it didn't last long. but i was flippin tired, had a headache, and i watchin house, dammit.
ugh. but - obviously- i lived.
i've been on the verge of a stroke for a week. and sushi has been at the top of the list of reasons why- with her constant yapping. cats outside, squirrels, people walking by, kids playin in the next door back yard, the neighbor mowing the lawn. anything and everything sets her off lately... which leads to me being a bitch, and stressin out, and of course the notorious back and neck aches brought on by the stress.
ugh. i've been a constant bitch.
also i've been trying to get my house presentable for company. yes, i am actually having company. more of a house-guest. of sorts. my child-hood friend, i have known her since she was 4 and i was five. she's moving out here. she's gonna stay here til she gets a job. and then maybe on weekends. it's not all planned out perfectly yet.. but she does have a lot of job leads.. for live in daycare type stuff.
i haven't seen her myself in years. many years... like 15, or 14. am i nervous? umm yes, a little. i'm excited too though. it's just that i'm not who i used to be 'back then'. and she , i'm sure has changed too. she's a new empty nester, and many other changes in her life-- on top of a cross country move from california. a smaller town tho-- to HERE. it really isn't what she thinks it is. i think she faces a culture shock that she just may not be ready for. she will be here--- TOMORROW! she needs and willingly accepts prayer. for a nice, safe job... close to me. so i can get to her in a hurry if i need to. not just to help in a bind-- but geesh, it'd be nice to hang out or go to lunch once in a while-- she won't have a car-- she'll be responsible for peoples kids and house... she can't be workin in one of the towns i refuse to drive to-- like dallas-- and such. ya know. she needs to be close so i don't worry. she's like my little sister. she has to be close. bah!
oh-- also tomorrow-- guess what happens? soulkids school has their opening night of the play she has been workin on. it runs through the weekend. we all will be goin tomorrow though-- seein as i will be preppin for my gastro tests for monday on saturday and sunday. oh the joy. even that is stressin me out.
welcome to my home my friend... now excuse me while i spend the next two days in the bathroom. :(( ugh. then the following day and a half recovering.
you know you wanna be me. bwa hahahahah
part of me is worried what the doc may find-- like a bleed. but then , part of me feels like i usually do in these tests-- they will find nothing. and i will have no idea why i have these symptoms. anemia, weight loss, death look, stomach probs and pain, etc etc. ugh. always so irritating.

so anyhow-- that's what's goin on in my world lately. thrilling i know.
i can't believe how fast tomorrow crept up on me. looks like today will be another busy day. this place is nowhere ready for a 'guest'. i need help-- to get ready for my 'help'.

and have happy days in your worlds today-