Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OMG it's 3:33 !! again WTH

I've been tagged by BON over at Bons Time Out. All I have to do is share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself.

This oughtta be pretty easy for ME.. I’m all about non- importance / habits, and quirks, dontcha think?

1. I’m not sure which category this falls in, but I am a procrastinator from hell. The older I get—the worse I get about it. and the more important the things I put off doing become. I used to be so responsible. Could I be in my second childhood? Sounds good to me.

2. I am a much better writer than a speaker. ( I didn’t say I was grammatically correct) - If I could sit in a room with someone and write notes back and forth.. we could talk for days on end—put me in a room to speak.. and I might last an hour or two. Put me in front of a crowd to speak—I would surely faint—or run away!

3. I would much rather sit in a silent room alone than in a room with noise , like tv, or music or whatever.

4. i am a defensive person.. not only to myself, but to people I care about too. Maybe like “the protector”. I may not win every battle I enter—but I am not afraid to “queen earlene “ the best of ‘em , if I feel I need to.

5. I have a dish washing phobia… it’s getting better since we moved in December—not sure why—but really—washing dishes is almost traumatic for me. :))

6. I have a very real fear of failing. So much so, that it stops me , before I begin .. a lot of things. Mainly writing. Not like blogging. But poetry—my book.. things like that. Things I used to do—things I probably can do—but , I just kinda begin then quit, before I put much effort into it. that includes more than writing. It’s almost a life halting fear—of many things. People, experiences, it has even sort of changed just how much I allow myself to put out here on my blog. Fear of vulnerability??? Perhaps. Dunno.

But there ya have it—my 333 TAG.. how ODD is THAT?

I’ll add a 7th quirk.. I’m very conscious of the number 333—and I don’t even know why. I just see it a lot.

thanks Bon..

now I think I shall tag -- oh hell -- anyone who wants to do it-- just leave a note if you do-- you know ya want to !!!

what's worse than waking up at 3:33 a.m. ?

let's try waking up at 1:30 a.m.
yep. i did. and yes i did try to go back to sleep. but to no avail. first, i was attacked by a snuggly attention starved cat (spot). then , i looked over, to make sure that my child returned my phone last night-- which is also my alarm clock. it was there-- to my surprise.. but then i had to check the alarm time-- to see if it was set right. it wasn't. it was set for 11 a.m. so, of course i had to set it for 5. then , i decided i'd better go ahead and go pee. :)) lest i fall back to sleep only to wake up ten minutes later to do that. well hell, by then, why the hell bother, right? my damn head was full of all the crap on todays agenda-- as well as yesterdays that was so blatantly ignored. all the way from neglecting my blog, and half my blog peeps-- to my freaking taxes. yep. they are still not done. 06 OR 07. i'm only sweatin 07 a little bit-- cuz hubby will be home in time to send those off on the computer before midnight. i'm sure i could have done that much yesterday-- but they are on his computer and i have no clue where. as for 06-- i made my to do list early yesterday morning and that was first on my list-- to get those polished up and dropped off. along with a dozen other things. to include check my po box, pay bills, and get some damn groceries in this place. i didn't do crap ! none of it.

i did balance my checkbook, i paid one bill online, and i forced myself to cook dinner. some chicken, green beans , and baked potatoes . i was actually surprised i was able to scrounge that much up in this place.

i also made it to a few blogs, but not near as many as i had hoped or planned to.

you may wonder, well soul, what the hell DID you do all damn day????
i slept. i slept as long as most of you worked. and that is pretty damned embarrassing. i have no idea why i was so tired. it was that kind of rag doll tired. i couldn't help it. i was up early, as usual. but tired early again. so i think i went back to bed like at 930 or so. i set my alarm for 11. thinkin i would re-start my engine then, and get my stuff done feelin all refreshed. did it happen? umm, nope. i think by 12 or 1 i was asleep in my chair again, til 230 or 3. by then the day was pretty much a bust, soulkid got home at 340.

i don't even know what to say about the next couple hours there. except that any plans that i had to at least try to go to the grocery store and post office went out the window... it was a miracle that i even mustered enough "give a damn" to cook dinner.

to add to my "day" ... she carried in the house mail when she got home.. guess what was in it???
well, remember when i mentioned that i was worried she had been missing too much school? well, i reckon i have some good instincts... cuz i had a letter from the principal at her school. a form letter of course. but the gyst of it was-- that she HAS missed too much school.
BUT to top that off... earlier in the day-- her doctor called to schedule her for a follow up appointment. isn't that just frickin peachy??? guess when it is? TODAY! she will miss the second half of the school day today. it's a damn good thing i brought her back for school yesterday. but really. they made these changes this year that dr appointments are no longer excused absences -- at this age??? half the school has braces ! if nothing else--- that is one day a month that half of that half is gonna miss some school every damn month of the year. for years! i always get as late in the day as i can for her-- but they are still now "unexcused". wtf. that's just stupid.

anyhow-- let's change the subject, shall we--
soulman texted me last night... he finally got to go fishing. he took eeviee on the boat with him. he caught ten bass. and eevie fell off the boat ! i wish i coulda been there ! i haven't caught that many fish in one trip since last summer... whaaaaa. and i woulda loved to see eeviees' reaction falling out of the boat ! hubbys' too for that matter.

soo anyhow-- time to re-fill my coffee.

someone remind me to call my dentist today-- i forgot yesterday--- don't ask me how-- senile i guess. or maybe i'm just crackin up. or perhaps it's just kinda hard to make a phone call in your sleep???

hopefully i'll be able to stay awake today long enough to take care of my stuff that needs to be done.

but hey-- on the bright side? aside from dinner dishes-- and some laundry-- my house is still clean-- that's always a plus !