Sunday, November 1, 2009

new month a whole new 30 days to bitch about

well whaddayknow, we didn't get stuck at home last night afterall.
soulkid needed a ride to her friends house, just about the time we would leave if we were to see a movie, if we just so happened to go . so. what'd we do? we of course decided to go to the movies. we saw a movie i have been wantin to see since i first saw the trailer for it a couple weeks ago. i was not disappointed . nor was soulman. i'm tellin ya peeps , i put this movie in my top three of the YEAR. and yup it sure is, almost the end of the year. so i spose that makes it a pretty darn good movie--- considering the number of movies we watch. dontchya think?
so.. anyhow-- i bet y'all are wonderin.... 'WTH soul? WHAT movie!
ok... THIS movie---

this movie was so well thought out-- it was just one surprise after another. some things in the film were SO unexpected that not just me-- but a lot of folks literally jumped outta their chairs , and or screamed in at least two main places i can remember. this is one movie that you wanna go see with an empty bladder-- and don't drink a lot. you won't wanna miss ONE second, cuz you will surely miss something. trust me.. you have never seen anyone as angry as this guy-- no matter how mad you ever thought you were? he tops it ten fold.
definitely a MUST SEE--- and a DVD could never do it justice. splurge-- go to the movies!!! you won't be disappointed !
(not for kids-- even mines age-- it's intense!)

so anyhow-- that was my last night.

unless ya wanna hear about my sleep-- or lack of -- issues yet again- last night??
ummm yeh-- i thought not.

oh but wait--
my kid actually was thoughtful enough to call when she was safely back at her friends house last night-- she sounded good, sounded like she had a good time, and woo hoo-- she actually stayed out of trouble.

it was a good night

hope you all had good and safe nights teeeeeeeew