Sunday, May 10, 2009


this is for all the great moms i know out there in blogland-- which is well, all of you-- cept brad-- sorry bud. :)) i love you anyways--

i hope everyone has a great day !!!

i wanna know what peeps are doin today-
if anything-- or if nothing

we decided to go to a brazilian steakhouse-- one of those buffet things, that cut meat at your table, have a salad bar to die for, and feed you till you can't do anything else for the rest of the day-or night. i'm full already!!!! it's impossible to not overeat at this's just so good! ya wanna try everything-- and even just tasting everything leaves you full for three days.
why did i agree to this???
i guess cuz hubby didn't feel like grillin again, and i sure wasn't cookin :))
this is the place we took jamie and mark the first time we met, when they drove down here. she had the greatest slip of the tongue it left us all laughin for a couple days. but-- all i can say about that is ... i hope i don't forget my "green card" !!!! :))

anyhow---- not much happens around this place-- especially when there's no fishin goin on... so that's about all i got for now.

if anyone has a cleaning fairy or two tucked away somewhere-- send em my way.
the place looked pretty good a couple days ago-- geesh-- turn around, and it looks like hell ran through. WHAT is UP with that???
i swear, when we move-- i hope i have a kitchen with a door on it-- cuz i'm gonna lock the damn thing between meals !!!! evil? perhaps. but it's self preservation. so i don't care.

hope you all have perfect days in your worlds today



i hunted down this post, just cuz i wanted to share the busted crown part with someone who is having crown issues right now. but once i read through it-- i decided to post the whole thing. it's from our last years trip to our timeshare. i don't know if y'all remember it-- but it just goes to show ya-- it's time to lower my expectations... of everything concerning MY life :))

another soul vacation disaster 2008