Thursday, August 27, 2009

well, i remembered by vals comment that pawn shops do take your thumb-print when ya pawn somethin out here... so i called the detective this morning and asked him about that. know what he said? "not anymore." isn't that just my luck? why would they just stop doin that? to save a few pennies on ink? whaddabuncha crap!
he also told me that when he got a copy of the theifs drivers license-- it was only a copy of his photo --- not including his signature. tell me-- why would a "detective" not get get a complete copy of a persons drivers license in a robbery??? i gotta say -- i'm just gettin more pissed off by the day. because every day this stuff just seems more in the toilet than before. i am at a point now that i am ready to handle it myself. i talked to the detective today, and he was placed on a felony case. i have no idea of what type.. but in a town the size of mine---- my little piddly-- to them-- robbery of some jewelry -- is certainly, not that it ever was-- but now it will never b -- their priority. anyhow--- it looks as though it is up to me. and i think i can get something done much quicker anyhow. but of course, that depends on one thing. and i don't know if that's even possible. i have to see if the detective-- or the pawn shop-- will give me a copy of the pawn ticket. if i get that, i will have a copy of his signature--- once i have that--- i already know there's no gettin a copy of his drivers license-- not by me anyhow-- but i -- or soulman-- could at least have the bossman at the moving company check his job application for the signature... if they match-- i have my case. i get a copy of the application, take it to the detective-- and whenever the new deal he is now working on is over-- he can go arrest this bastard who stole my shit. ummm, stuff.
that-- or soulman can go and kick his ass. not the cop-- the thief.
i refuse to just sit here and do nothing. i just do. i'm sick of being taken. it's just bullshit. y'all just have no idea how many times people have robbed me. it makes me think of michael douglas in that movie "falling down". someday i'm just gonna snap like that -- and go vigilante bitch on everybody, just because of some small thing.
hmmm. ok, i won't. but i wish i could.

we went and saw this movie last night -
"Julie And Julia" -

it was so good. i absolutely loved it. of course it coulda been better. and if i woulda wrote it i woulda tweeked it here or there. but i liked it. we all did. even soulman. and that's sayin somethin, for him to like a "chick flick". :))
it couldn't have been better for me.. i mean, i like to cook, i like to write... it even has blogging in it. :)) it was just good. " two thumbs up" go see it.
"Bon Appetite"

i also rented on that we haven't watched yet-- but i hope it's good. it has that girl up there in it-- 'Amy Adams'. it's called "Sunshine Cleaning" - about two sisters who start up a crime scene clean-up business. one of those 'tear jerker-comedies'.
how they pull that off, i do not know, but i bet it will be good. i will let ya know.

so anyhow-- i'm done with my ciggie break i reckon... back to work for me.

have happy days out there y'all.