Wednesday, July 21, 2010


would i be considered insane if i through my laptop into the living room wall? because i'm gettin really close to doin that. first, my favorite and only browser, Mozilla, got some kinda 'illness' and stopped working for blogger. at first it was only for posting here -- tonight, i have realized that on certain blogs, it now, won't allow me to comment ! i am oh so fed - up ! for a week, or so - give or take - my back -up 'explorer , has been my alternative. allowing me to post here and comment elsewhere etc. keeping my head from exploding , but now? NOW, what am i to do? i am now on the browser called 'safari'. my last and only hope. if this post won't publish, or has some other type of issue? i spose this could be the end of 'soul-survivor.'
could this be God's way of forcing me to finally shut UP? or maybe -- just maybe -- a way to put my writing efforts into the ever to 'never' be written book i been talkin about for the last 20 years of my life?

it very well may be. ya know, i had a bad night last night. neck pain from hell. waking up every single hour or two. up and down. to the couch, back to bed. it was a full fledged nightmare. know what it led to? well for starters -- i missed my day today. the entire day. just didn't exist. cuz i was asleep. if i wasn't asleep asleep/ or passed out... i was simply in a percocet fog. and i do mean the entire day. soulman called at five -- "how was your day?' -- 'what day- i didn't have one" -- you lost it?' - most definitely did.'.
that made me wonder for a minute that if when folks have those extra long days -- if they're being forced to make up time for the folks who 'waste' their days sleepin. the child suffering for their fathers sin.. in some whacky way. ya know? yeh- i'm kidding. not about having the thought-- but about it bein a possibility.
so ya. wasted days and wasted nights. another song - with me in mind. hmmm.

well- if you're wonderin what i may have been doin in the half way lucid moments of the night and day? among various time wasters... i wrote a pretty long, and incoherent blog post. i didn't even know about it-- til about an hour or two ago. it's gonna take a lot of thought and pondering, before i decide if i should - or will post it or night. it's a real 'soul-post' - i'll tell ya that much. and from what i gathered -- it was intended to be - light hearted , jovial, and a fish story. trying to move away from the cry baby bullshit of the last week or so. unfortunately -- it was 90 percent of the same -- and 10 percent of the fish story -- which that part was sleep blogging typo hell. but a cool pic. :)) spose i can at least put the pic here now and tell the story later -- cuz somehow -- even after screwin a whole night and day of sleep and wake into reverse order-- i'm actually kinda tired right now. so i reckon i'll hit the sack -- and pray the pain stays away - at least enough to sleep. and have a real day tomorrow.

y'all fill in the blanks - and see if you were close when i tell the story manyana eh?

"soul wrestles alligator gar in TN !"

yee haw !!! safari worked !!!! woo hoo !