Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey All This is Soulman

Hey Yall,

This is Soulman letting you know about Soul. I think some of yall check Simonsays blog and saw her post about Soul.

I wanted to post an update as we spoke to the Doctor today.

First off like Jaimie said she has a blood clot in her right lung, Called a pulmonary embolism.

These things can kill you and I have heard some bad stories on them so of course we were both worried when the Docs told us. We spoke with the Doc more today and she said that normally the deadly ones are the ones that break loose are very large and can kill you almost instantly. Souls is serious but the Doctor does not believe it will progress further. In fact she said she is stable and doing well and that she can expect to recover. Even though painful she should be fine. They started her on bloos thinners and she will be on a steady dose of those for at least 6 months.

The pain is very very bad according to Soul. She described it in reference to child birth as far as pain goes and when the medicine wears off the pain is very very bad. Really hurts to see her suffer and also not be able to breathe well. She has not slept well either but hopefully she will tonight.

Soulkid and I are sitting with her right now and she is groggy and hopefully on her way to a good nights sleep. I will bring her laptop back to the hospital tomorrow morning and hope she will be able to post and update herself. If not I will do it for her.

Thanks for all the well wishes in her comments, we all appreciate yall. Soul loves each and every one of yall and it means alot to her to read the notes.

Thanks and see yall tomorrow.


The Soul Family