Wednesday, June 10, 2009

still wednesday---

ok, so y'all aren't in the fishin mood today. how bout we talk about email for a sec?
if i owe you an email, and you haven't heard from me... this might be why...
i copied this from my first page of my inbox :

Messages 1-50 of 2532.

that's right-- you didn't read it wrong. that is how many emails are waiting for attention in my in-box. lazy much? it has gotten so out of hand i can't even face it now. i just flag them, intending on "gettin to em later" .... well, it is just at the point of no return now. along with being downright wrong , and neglectful. if i didn't have bills and receipts etc in there... i'd just hit the delete button about thirty times-- and apologize to whoever deserves it-- which is almost everyone i know. then i would start fresh-- i would hope.... with an empty in-box that i could actually manage.
if it helps at all--- i fell behind when my lung exploded -- (did it help?) ya, i didn't think so. i spose i just lack in the keeping up with my peeps department.
anyhow--- i've been trying lately to keep up better-- if you've noticed? if it matters.
even if it doesn't i still apologize.

ok...anyhow-- what else? i'm sure that's more than enough of that.

anyone here from Michigan? i know some of ya know angie. she's my friend from up there. she's comin out here to roast real soon.. oh i mean to visit. it will be our first time meeting in person. from what i know of her so far from blogs, email and such... she seems like a most awesome and interesting person. not sure if ya know this-- but she is a rocket scientist. for real. that is just cool to me. i don't know if it's the aircraft mechanic in me-- or if it's just something that fascinates me. (that kinda stuff always has really, since i was a kid. when i got out of the navy i applied for a job in california to work with the space shuttle..not on the crew of course-- but for the supply or maintenance crew-- but that of course didn't work out. they don't hire fishing sloths.
but anyhow-- the original invitation for her to come out here involved a job-- of helping me sort and pack , and dispose of many things in my garage-- and some other areas --as we are getting ready to move , and buy a house real soon. i was actually surprised when she said yes-- and so quickly too. i have given her many outs on the working part of her visit, as it is only a few days-- i would much rather play while she's here... but she is dead set on helping me get stuff done-- so that's what we'll do. but bygummit-- we will find time to let her get her a big ole texas bass before she leaves.
ooops, more fish i forgot y'all weren't in the fish mood.. cept motha.... she loves me. :))
i fish, therefore, i am.
i am what?
a sloth?
late -- again? yes that's it- i gotta go to the doctah.

that's prolly a good thing-- cuz i just can't keep my head screwed on straight today. i have scrambled eggs up there today. too much on my mind. even with a list, i can't figure out what i'm supposed to be doin. i think i just need to go fishin. i been wanting to all day long. it's a perfect day for it. but i have been too busy.

ok-- i need to get goin.

i'll be around later on.


i was sittin here -- payin bills, catchin facebook messages as they came in, just mindin my own business... when i came across


Fishing at Lake Fork, Texas with Guide Robert Littlejohn, Josh KuyKendall caught this monster bass. It weighed 13.2 lbs, was 26 inches long and had a 22 in. girth. It was caught June 5, 2009 at 9:00 pm.

(y'all KNOW that's my dream bass!!!!!)

ok-- i will release you to your regularly scheduled day -- for now. i shall return, when i am done with my "stuff".

laterz taterz