Tuesday, March 11, 2008

random tuesday babble

hubbys tourney update -- for anyone who missed it ---
they bombed-- skunked --- zeroed---lost----
and left half an hour before weigh in-- with nuthin more than bad attitudes and empty pockets---- and boy was that fun for the gals they had waiting at home :))
---all in all though--
through all the grouchiness--- although , contagious---
it turned out an okay night.
(that was sunday btw)

yesterday, however, we had a lot of errands to catch up on, and hubby was lucky enough to be my driver for the day. and i do mean DAY. we were gone from about , oh hell i don't know-- maybe 10 or so-- and didn't get home til about 4.
we had to go to the post office, get hubbys truck inspected, then get the child from school to go to the doc-- respiratory trouble---again-- still no positive diagnosis-- but the chest x-ray was good--phew-- doc did say though , that she may be lingering on slight asthma --- but most likely some type of allergy. she had the same problem, only worse , about this time last year.
so, she gave her an inhaler-- and said we'd go from here.
so-... anyhow-- i actually like her dr. i think if there is a major problem, this is a doc who would find it. i wish she was MY doc. :(( i hate my dr. but y'all know that. :))
then a couple more things after that, that i don't even remember now :((
i want my car back--and i want it NOW

so-- as for the rest of my day today? --
hubby just left for work-- the child is "trying " to wake up--
she will go to school in a while. and me?
same ole crap.
not much a person can do on house arrest.
very few dishes-for once-
pay some bills-
and TRY to fix a very confusing problem in my bank...
i have no idea WTH is wrong, but i just can't get the numbers to mesh...
one time i'll be 100 off,
the next i'll be 800 off
WTF is UP with that??
BIG gap there.. and way enough to get me in a lot of trouble if i don't get it figured out.
and of course being unable to drive, it's not like i can just drive up to the bank for a printout.

and y'all know if i don't fish soon, i'll just DIE!!!

but, then of course, there IS my lifes' motto:
and always the chance that i may just sit on my arse and not do a stinkin thing all day--
except maybe attempt to read my book.
i would tell ya the name-- but i don't remember it right now--
i've only read like four pages...
i know, it seems like i do nuthing...
but really, i am a lot busier than it sounds like i am.
well, most of the time---

hope you all have happy days out there---
if ya can't be happy-- be drunk !
i'm sure i can sleep it off for ya!

PS: i just added a mini post in my comment box--
cuz y'all know --
sometimes i just can't shut up!