Thursday, July 8, 2010

i'm fixin to go 'gran-gran' on someone -- haelP !

ok peoples . i need help. seriously. i have no one to talk to about this. not to make anybody feel bad or anything. i do have a few of y'alls phone numbers, but i am aware of the fact that y'all have jobs and lives, and schedules too. unlike myself. not that i'm complaining. i woke up this morning to a completely people-less house -- and it has been nice. i haven't been 'alone' - in like two weeks. i have missed my 'soul-time'. some folks get lonely bein alone a lot-- me? i like it. well, most of the time anyhow. i just like the silence mostly i think. no tv, no music, no conflict. just silence. i guess i just get irritated easily at 'noise'. to me, silence really is golden. but in all honesty? i love my little family - and i couldn't survive without them.. y'all know that right?

so anyways, yeh, i know -- my mind has wandered way off track -- again. i'm famous for that - and i'm sure you've noticed it has gotten worse. i reckon that's the main reason that i have chosen to write less often here. i just can't seem to keep my shit strait anymore. it bothers me , i'm sure, more than y'all. well, maybe. i have noticed a drop in readers, and comments, so perhaps it's a tie.?

so. back to what i was sayin. or tryin to say. i need some help here. it's about the massage place - issue. money etc. i entered my online banking thing this morning to check on things, like i usually do. it's almost a part of my daily routine -- i think it's actually an OCD thing. even if i don't spend any money - i'm in there every day to see what's goin on.

anyhow-- i go in there this mornin-- and what do you think i saw? yup-- an automatic withdrawl --- from the massage place ! AFTER not only a phone call -- with a verbal cancellation of my contract, and request for a refund of advance payments--- BUT also an email ! 7/2 and 7/3. WTF??? what do i do now guys?? i so wanted to call immediately, if not sooner, and start the heads rollin. i refrained though. i have a tendency to get too emotional about things like this. especially at times like this-- when i have so much other stuff goin on. i just know that i would handle it badly.
i cannot bring soulman into it -- he is already pretty pissed off - and doesn't really have all the details of 'what happened'. he doesn't want to hear it-- and i don't wanna tell him. also, like i said in the comments box - somewhere -- i really do not wanna be responsible for people losing their jobs -- cuz the owner is an asshat. the thought crossed my mind to stop payment on the withdrawl -- but that would cost me 20.00 -- yeh i know -- it would also save me 20.00.
i am in a quandary. a big mess. and i don't know what to do. or how to do it.
i could call the board of health, better business bureau , a lawyer, any number of 'people.' i just don't know WHO.

and i have no idea why i just went to italics ! dammit! make it STOP!

any--erg!- ways... i don't guess i have much more to say right now-- this stupid text is killin me. i'm a stressed out soul, and stuff is just irritating the piss outta me.

anyone got any advice? soulutions? wanna make some calls for me? this place now owes me $199.95 --- it just aint right !!!

i'll catch up with ya later --
have happy days in your worlds today !
i may work on a vacay video for later so check back k?
laterz -