Friday, July 3, 2009

passin along a message ---

"Golden To Silver Val" AKA "Charlotte" asked me if i would pass it along to y'all that her computer had crashed today, and that she most likely won't be around until she can replace it.
of course, i said it would not be a problem... so here i am tellin y'all that she is ok, just blogless for a while.

we'll miss ya Charlotte !
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(see? even MY computer is screwin around without you!)

OMG It's Billy Idol @ MY White Wedding


see what i mean? same lip thang
goin on there. you should see me when i really try to do it.
BUT i have never once noticed
i had that look in my Wedding Picture! i LMAO when i noticed
it last night.

my "idol smile" makes soulman crack-up every time i "try" to do it ... but him laughing makes it almost impossible for me cuz it makes me laugh too. but at least it's an easy way to get us laughin. Lord knows we could use some of that around here.... so i think i'll sneak one in on him today. it's when he knows i'm tryin that i can't do it. :))

so anyhow, i'm gonna work on packin up my dishes and kitchen stuff today. a little premature maybe, but i can't have dishwashing, and messy kitchens be takin up all my packing time and energy. so gettin that out of the way first will leave me more time and energy and less stress, and recovery time for the rest of the place. paper plates and Styrofoam cups are the best inventions ever discovered !!

when we-- my siblings and i -- were younger -- beginning when i was like 9 til i was about seventeen -- the older two were gone by then, but my mom had this older couple that were friends of hers. earlier on, we thought they were "old" , i think they may have been in their late sixties or so. early sixties maybe. more likely. but anyhow. our mom would always.. always.. whether we ate there, or stayed there, or just visited for an hour... would make me , and my sister -- if she was there.. if not- it would be just me. but that lady's kitchen became OUR duty. or MY duty after my sis was gone. it was a nightmare. by that time, we had never seen a kitchen look so bad. days of dirty dishes, and splatter, and mess. it was just horrible. it was a much bigger chore than either of us would ever expect from kids at the ages we were at that time... 9 and 12. we vowed we would never have our kitchens look that way.
well... they never did. UNTIL ... well... what can i say---- once i had my first major crackup , i think the kitchen was the first to go. and here, years later, it seems to still be the easiest to ignore. it is like walking right back into HB's kitchen. the kitchen from hell. the place we never wanted to go cuz we knew what awaited us, but also knew if we didn't go-- we might not eat that day-- or might not have a place to stay. but here, there is no reward... except maybe a day of a clean kitchen. the next day? it explodes again and i just want to close my eyes and make it go away.
well, it's clean now. every dish -- just about -- is washed and ready to go. and go they will.
so now you know where my kitchen resentment and deep dish washing hate came from. child abuse and neglect. hahahahaha. i can laugh about it , but only when my kitchen is clean. when it's a shithole -- i just want to throw stuff in the trash. as some of you know is an expensive thing to do--- so "don't try this at home". :))

oh, a few posts back, in my dr whinefest post... a lot of you asked about a nurse-- i only mentioned it in the comments, and meant to bring it over here, but-- well, i forgot. { but yes, there actually WAS a nurse in the room at pain management hell... she was robotic, silent, and useless. all she did was stand and write what he told her to write.
(did he have a single word to write about my "breast exam?" -- OR THAT he DID one??? NOPE. ) }
but, something i haven't mentioned? ironically , the next day, the neuro dr's office called me... i was thinkin at first it might have somethin to do with that awful visit-- or that i walked out of it. but it was about my labs they did -- which were all fine-- no lupus, no sojourners' ... which is good... but i still wonder, WTH is wrong with me now. but while i had her on the phone, i did tell her about the visit with the other dr. she seemed quite surprised, and told me she was writing everything i was saying down and would give it to my dr and let him know. BUT i haven't heard from him, her, or anyone else since then.. so-- who knows.
hubby and i have talked about my next move in this pain dilemma of mine. i think i'm gonna go back to the dr that gave me the shots in my neck. even tho my neuro dr said he didn't think they would work-- which is why i didn't go back for the second one. it is said that it sometimes may take three or more to begin to relieve pain when it's bad enough. but when he said it wouldn't work-- i saw money being thrown away-- so i cancelled the appointment. well, while i was at pain management hell-- that dr told me that my dr didn't think that dr (the one who gave me the shots) got the diagnosis right---the cervical radiculopathy. . ummm well excuse me, that is the only diagnosis i have got that explains ANY of this nerve pain and crap at all.
so i think he has it right and i'm gonna go back. guess i'll take it from there.

and as for today , aside from packing my kitchen, i am goin to a giant yard sale down the road soon. i don't even know if i remember the last time i went to one. but hubbby came home yesterday telling me of " a giant basket " he saw at a yardsale. he was like-- i don't know what you'd do with it but... i was like SHOES!!!!! i want it for shoes!!! because everyone comes in and tosses shoes all over the place. in new mexico-- i had a wicker old bassinet i used for shoes.. worked out pretty well. and this is a nice basket. i'll show y'all a pic later. it's huge. monstrous. where the hell am i gonna put it? haha.

ok, so i'm gonna go. another day without a headache. at least for now--- hope it lasts. yippee.

hope y'all have really good weekends--- don't have any big plans for the 4th-- do you?