Wednesday, April 8, 2009

too late to even try now

yep-- i speak of sleep. dammit. i got none again last night. i can say last night--because even tho it's only 3 a.m., it's time to get up for me. i have to wake soulkid at 530-- so there is like zero sense in trying to sleep now. i would only be too tired to get out of bed if i did. so i won't. i just got the coffee goin, and will be havin me a nice hot cuppa soon.
yep-- it's not gonna make the soulman none too happy--- not after our last "discussion" on my non-sleep habits. but that was before the new sleep med. i'm pretty sure i have slept every night since i started that-- until last night. and that was because i had a migraine. the same one that i went to bed with the night before. i woke up at like two or three and took an imitrex shot-- i was able to go back to sleep til 5 or 530 after that. but last night-- ugh. i took shot around five or six p.m, and it helped-- but it came back in an hour or two. i didn't want to take vicoden for it-- cuz sometimes that only makes a migraine worse for me. don't ask me why. cuz i have no idea. so-- around 8 i took some "goodies" and a cup and a half of coffee. even tho i was very tired at that time---tired enough to go to bed even. BUT -- i always have a hard time sleeping if someone is gone-- soulman, soulkid, or both...and last night , both were gone, til maybe 9. ish.
unfortunately-- i was cold busted drinkin coffee. even tho it does--and did help the headache--- i ended up bein up all night. i almost fell asleep in the chair-- but once i got up to go to bed-- it was all over with. i was alert again from just movin around the house.
i don't have the migraine anymore-- it's just too late--or early to go to bed.
wth ?? i feel like a kid in trouble. i really think it should be understood that some nights, i am just not gonna sleep. i have nothin goin on --other than takin and gettin soulkid from school today--- if i get tired i can nap- maybe. she gets out pretty early-- around 2. so if i don't lay down by ten i may as well forget it.

doesn't matter tho really, cuz today --or yesterday-- it got up to 75 degrees with little wind. it would have been a great day to fish-- had i not had an appointment and a migraine . along with other things.
and then today-- i have a lot of housework , laundry and errands to do-- if i finish in time--i just may go fishin. it seems like forever since i fished but i think it's only been like a week.
do y'all think hail--big hail-- can kill fish? maybe if it hits em in the head? :)) i wonder that. i wonder if they have recovered from the storm and cold weather and wind etc. this past week here has been really crappy--weather -wise.

so anyhow-- i got the second MRI done -- no new news on that yet--did i say that already? hmmm. anyhow. nope--- i prolly won't know anything else til the 9th, when i see the orthopod again. then after him i have the pain management for the shots--then neuro for that follow-up on all of these other things. ugh.
can we say P-O-V-E-R-T-Y??
soup line anyone?

hmmm... what else?????? not much i can think of right now-- with my non functioning tired brain.

cept this-- has anyone ever seen a cd of an mri? how bout their own? that is some wild shit there i say. i tried to copy an image from the disc but it wouldn't let me. but it is very weird. i saw my own brain. eeeewwwweeee. course i don't know a thing about interpreting any of that..brain, spine, discs, muscles. but i could see em. very weird.

ok-- i'm babblin now-- guess i will go---to do what? no idea-- but i know it won't be sleepin.

i did start reading a book yesterday at the mri place while i waited. i know-- a miracle huh? i never even finished the last one i mentioned.....i got like half way thru and lost my train of thought. so i put it up for another time.
now i'm reading one that a friend recommended --- by wally lamb. i forgot the name tho -- :)) oh-- it's " i know this much is true. i haven't gotten very far yet-- but it's pretty good. kinda strange-- but good enough to keep goin with. it's loooong tho. and me not bein a big reader-- i'm hopin i can finish it.

anyhow-- guess that's it outta me for now--- maybe i'll update this evening.

take care peoples.
and happy humpday!

(not like we didn't already know most of that-
i thought it was cool)