Monday, August 20, 2007

yep... it's a monday

now THAT is a big bass

and so is THIS one... i think this one ate my dog !!!
but i didn't see her in there !

not too shabby for a monday mornin eh? i lost three! one was hooked and got off... the other two.. i shoulda had, but they bit my baits in half. :(( oh well. these were nice. but i was too lazy to weigh them. big fish tho.

anyhow... i came home.. straightened up the kitchen... the dishes are still waiting to be washed... but ... i think i shall go back to bed for a while ... i'm tiahd.
especially after two big ole kraut dogs! haven't had one in years. pretty good stuff.
ok..will catch up with y'all latah.

bullet proof back packs??? WTH

ya know, sometimes it gets really irritating when i wake up at 4 in the morning, for no reason. there are times that i can get back to sleep, but it's rare. today was one of the days that once i was up - i was up. the cats were locked IN my room, and the dogs were locked OUT of my room. it is usually the other way around...IF the door is shut at all. cuz the min pin likes to sleep with us, and midnight likes to sleep on the floor next to me..she always has. (for 12 years.) and as for the cats.. if they are trapped in there..they usually scratch stuff, pee on stuff, or get hair on my stackage of un put away clothes. because the litter box is , thank God, NOT in there.
SO, i wake up.. thinking to myself that i would just get all the animals in their rightful places, and go back to bed. ya right. i did get up.. i did let the cats out... found the dogs, and put them outside... checked on my daughter... because EVERY damn light in the house was ON...and her stereo was blastin out of her room. so i go in there... and there she is .. readin a magazine ! at 4 a.m !!! like a week before school starts! she's sposed to be gettin on some type of decent sleep schedule and there she is STILL awake at 4 a.m. ugh. i'm like WTH??? she says, dad said tonight was my last night to stay up late, and to take advantage of it. oh Lord. i'm like, i am positive he didn't mean til 4 in the morning! MOOOOOOM! oh no way. i was not about to get into that crap that early. i made her come out and feed the dogs. i made coffee. i knew it was all over with after all that. then she's out here feedin the dogs and says "you're stayin up"? oh man.. like it was ME that was doin somethin wrong. well.. i've told her twice since to go to sleep.. she's still readin. i still hear her music. and i just absolutely hate to start a day this way.

this isn't mentioning that she will now sleep til at minimum 4 pm... unless i force her grouchy self up by noon..which i should anyhow, or she will never level out onto a school schedule.
plus hubby is off work today. AND i have a million things to do today to get caught up on stuff i have been NOT doing in order to fish every day. it drives me insane when i ghave a lot of house work and things to do here, when every one else is here "doing nothing"... it just makes me want to "do nothing" even more"...or go fishing. then the house just gets even worse.

i'm so tired, but obviously my mind is in overdrive... already.

oh and to top all of this shit off... guess what the newest back to school item is? i just saw it on the news...
ywp... they have come out with a bullet and knife proof back pack... (book bag).. to protect our children from things such as columbine and VT.
geesh it sure makes me feel safe sending my kid back to school. NOT.

what the hell is our world coming to.??