Tuesday, May 20, 2008

tagged by EE

i slept half the day away-- so here's a meme..

Four, Four, Four, Four... from life unscripted

A) Four places that I go to over and over:

Fishin, mall hell, post office box, doctor hell

B) Four people who e-mail me (regularly):

anyone who wants me to have a larger penis, :0 – blogger comment updater - my sis, and Jamie/simonsays

C) Four favorite places to eat:

frescos’ (a local mex joint)—chipotle , outback, and my new fave Carrabbas

D) Four places I would rather be right now:

fishing,- with my sis, - or with Jamie, - or squandering money – on something –without worryin about it.

E) Four people I think will post their own "4,4,4:

smocha- simonsays- yankee- and AC :0

(and anyone else who wants it--)

F) Four TV shows I watch all the time:

when they are on--- survivor, hells’ kitchen, American idol, and then there’s any crime or medical show documentary. Ie- crime 360- mystery diagnosis.