Friday, June 15, 2007

oh, what a boring web we weave

ola peoples,
what kinda friday are you havin? here? all work and no play. but i did of course have my nap ! i couldn't dare go without that.
anyways, today was payday...woohoo. which also made it, bill pay day... boo hoo. so, that's how my day started.... juggling the budget, paying the bills, 9hubby went in to work late and is coming home late so he took the kid to school) so after i picked her up from school, we had the pleasure of going to my favorite place in the world... yep. wally hell. it's been quite a while since my daughter has joined me on an actual big grocery day trip to wally hell. she had forgotten that it really is hell. she behaved well though. we didn't argue at all, and for that i was extremely grateful! she also didn't ask for everything under the roof...close, but she understood, that daddy day is gonna take some duckets from our bucket, so she was pretty mellow about the hand out thing. you go girl!
so anyhow, she even offered...and help me push the cart when i began to struggle with it. (as hubby wasn't there this time.. *POUT*) .. but it didn't take her long to realize that i wasn't just a whining old frail weak person... that damn cart really was heavy! ...and at that point we were only half way done ! so anyhow, she was actually a pretty handy little helper. she would get stuff off the bottom shelf for me or heavier items to put in the cart. i was very impressed. six months ago... wouldn't have happened. we'da walked in, she'da headed to the CD's, and i woulda had to search for her and either argue til she put whichever cd she thought she was getting back... or give in and buy it. i just can't believe the changes in this kid in just the passed three weeks even. right before my eyes. Thank You God !
ok, so anyhow. we get to the check-out... she says...

"*SIGH* my Gawd, this was the longest trip i've ever had to wal mart ! "
LOL she was so worn out and miserable. my shopping queen? i was like, welcome to MY world ! now you know why i hate to come here, it's hell ! "i know".
it was great ! and the best part? i enjoyed her being there. i usually try to sneak out when she's sleeping, or gone, so i don't have to fight with her over the i wants or the disappearing act or whatever. this time, it was pretty cool. she's growin up. damn.

ok... so, i paid bills, went shopping, came home...only unloaded...she even helped unload the car !!!! but we only unloaded half the stuff...left the non perishables in the trunk for hubby to deal with. we were too tired. then we got that put up, ate something, watched some tv....couldn't tell ya what, cuz i was in a bill slash shopping day coma by then, and shortly there after, i was asleep. and now, i am awake. and i am bored outtah my evah luvin mind. and i am hungry . and i do not feel like cooking. hubby won't be home til like 8. surely he will eat on the road. it's been rainy and drab outside all day... so no fishin. only half of me feels like fishing anyways though. but the other half wants to do "something"... fish, hmm i guess that's all i do. so ya. if it wasn't all wet out, i might go fishin.

oh crap... that just reminded me!!!! my daughter has discovered that she still likes to fish !!!! it is so kool. in fact, it is the coolest thing ever. a few nights ago, i wanted to go fishing. hubby didn't really want to go, and attempted to use her as an excuse to not go. saying "your daughter needs us to stay home" etc. so anyhow, i said something along the lines of .. well, i'm gonna go, you guys can stay here. i don't know what i said. but he decides... come on, we're going fishing. OMG. you would not believe the fit that kid had. we have not MADE her go fishing in years. she whined and bitched for fifteen constant minutes !!! actually more.. maybe 20 or so. UNTIL... we got to our fishin spot... and guess what was in the water? the muskrats !!! well, she just grinned from ear to ear. then she started chasing the ducks, and then she fed them some bread. then... she started fishing with a crappie rod we brought for her.... girl? woo hoo. THEN.... she started catching fish! and liking it !!!!! she was having such a great time! she even ASKED to go back the next day! i took her after school, but i was in a crappy mood, and it was hot, and we both got bored pretty quick , she missed a couple fish, i only got one small bass, and no other bites, so as soon as she said.. can we go... i jumped on it. sure, lets go.
but i can't believe it. just wait til she catches one of those big ole bass. she'll be hooked forever. i hope i can get her to go with me on monday after school.

so anyhow... that's my update in a nutshell.