Thursday, February 25, 2010

well, who knew my blog would turn into a dog mission?

not me. but i bet y'all like it better than my usual whine festivals?
that's not for me to say. i don't know what y'all like to hear from me. sometimes i wish i did know. that's why some days i just don't write anything. i simply don't know what to say. if anything.

but this skeletor thing. (the dog that showed up at my nephews' house) it amazes me. not only the dog, and his surviving under only God knows what circumstances. but now, the recent out-pour of love, hope, and of course donations, towards 'skeletor' and of course the 'kids' who took him in. i have no doubts that sooner or later skeletor will find a good home.

unfortunately-- the latest news on poor skeletor that i read this morning? he did have his vet-check. go wes!!! but-- yeh, not such good news from the doggie doc.

and really no real update yet on how--- or if it is treatable. but skeletor was heart worm positive. it's a very bad diagnosis to hear from a vet --- for any animal. even if he's only new in your life. if you have been following the story on this animal-- you know he is loved world-wide. no kidding. he is the talk of the town. blogs, face-book, your town, my town, people we don't know town. check out his blog-- read his face-book , friend him on face-book --- the DOG has more friends than i do on there... i looked this morning--- skeletor - a dog, had 105 friends at last check. it's crazy. he's a STAR!

donations are coming in slowly, but surely for his cause-- and his care.
when and if he does find a home-- any proceeds --- will be donated to the pit bull rescue in southern florida. (wes lives in north florida- jacksonville) the dog is in no condition to travel at this point. but the kids are taking great care of him -- they even make sure he gets lots of love, and play, and fooood, and shelter. they are falling in love with him-- like many who are following his story. i hope this ends on a good note. with skeletor finding a happy loving home. he's a happy loving dog -- that's one thing we all know -

so please, don't worry about thinking wes may be gettin too much money that may be kept for himself-- right now -- expenses are high for skeletor , and now with the heart-worm diagnosis-- treatment could and will skyrocket into the high hundreds-- if not more. so please help.
just look at that babeeeeeeee.

so anyhow-- are you bored yet? had enough outta me for one day?

i think i have. besides , i gots things to do-- and part of that, is makin my rounds and checkin up on y'all.

go check out all of skeletors links -- he is rockin the computer world-

skeletors blog

(to view donations and donors - go to the blog- and click - "skeletor says thanks "

as of now?

Skeletor and his foster parents would like to say
Thank You
to all who have contributed to his rehabilitation!

Over $200 has been received so far!
  • Beth Z.
  • Querida L.
  • Bert M.
  • Katie R.
  • Roxanne D.
  • Yileen L.
  • Marilee W.
  • Brooke K.
  • Valerie W.
  • Jennifer D.
  • Amy H.
  • Caitlin S.
  • Jamie K.
i'm sure after all that has been bought for his needs up to date, and now the vet visit? surely more than 200.00 has been spent. i also can tell you i know of a couple donations that are on the way via snail mail, but the heart-worm treatment will be markedly over $1000.00.
everyone is rooting for skeletor-- and he thanks you.

skeletors face book

donate to skeletor

ok y'all-- hope you have happy days in your worlds today-- if i can manage to remain vertical today- i will be busy... if not? well, i guess i won't.

either way--- good day :))