Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh hell, is anyone else awake at this hour?

it sure wasn't my plan to be, but is it ever? nope.
soo anyhow-- i was about to start this post at 331...when i noticed that---i stopped and waited for the 333. (a.m.) don't ask me what it is with that number-- for real, i don't know what it means. i reckon i just notice it a lot.

anyways.. i told y'all i'd be back to finish the previous post-- but i obviously got busy. it was worth it for a while tho---my house looks really good today. just a little more to do and it will look mahvelous. hubby got home from work early and gave me a hand. just cuz we were expecting the tile guy tonight-- but it was his turn to reschedule with us i guess. so he will be here tomorrow. i can't wait to have all my shower tiles back up and 2 showers usable. ugh. you just don;t know the frustration. well of course you do, who am i kiddin.

lately, i have been terribly stressed--and i reckon manic too. i rarely sleep lately and it's drivin me nuts. i used to wake up at this time--- now i'm lucky if i even go to bed at this time. i'll bet five out of seven days a week--- i am up all night long. it causes nagging from everyone around me. hubby, soulkid, doctors, even soulkids dr's. as if i don't know that i need to sleep. ugh. 6-12 hours a week of sleep is just not gonna cut it if this decides to last much longer. not much i can do about it tho. i take my meds... i've switched my meds. wth else am i supposed to do?? i clean, i do taxes, i write, i do nuthing at all some nights, and others i make playlists and cd's online. i have actually made some pretty good cd's/ i even get to listen to them in my car--- when i'm alone. :))

so-- speakin of music-- here's a video i found on utube, that seems suitable for the situation here. while that plays you can cruise around i reckon. see if ya missed anything.
here ya go-- i'll move up--well, no i won't i'll just put it here, then finish below that. sound like a plan? it works for my fried brain.



so-- as for the rest of the story---
the other video--darius rucker-- i put on here earlier today--- it was actually not the original song i had chosen for it. i chose a nickleback song-- in honor of my smocha.
y'all know she just loooves nicleback. me? a few here and there--and i like this one. but-- as it turns out-- my pix turned out a bit long for the song--as i just added another song, and let it go.

hope you like it.

ok now i'll post this video-- that i planned on this afternoon ...before utube bitched about copyright crap. and move upstairs. k.
luv ya

well shiiit--its darius-- i'll get it figured out later

for now--play the nickleback and watch the other--if it will let ya ughugh