Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i was born a poor black child -

hiya peeps! i'm back. i'm whole again. my puter is fixed !!! woo hoo. i'm me again. yipee. it's so weird to lose my puter when it has become my morning routing for so long. business and pleasure. it's just a major part of my day.
imajine my horror when it crashed for no known reason. i purposely avoid stupid sites and never open email from people i don't know-- especiallay with attatchments. even that didn't help. all i can think of is some simple tv show -- or stupid facebook and its SPAM did it. i didn't even open their spam. i did open a few to " unsubscribe". maybe that did it. hellif i know. i only know i'm pissed. i'm just glad it didnt' cost me nuthin. and that hubby knows how to fix stuff. he is pretty handy to have around. :)) he can fix just about anything. once ya get the cattle prod out hahahahahah just kiddin. kinda.

anyhow. not havin a computer was actually kinda helpful for me for a couple day. i got a little bit of mor importanant things done. i have been workin on my crdit report stuff. disputes and things. i have overpaid some accounts on there. i thought so. but now i can prove it. i hope it helps. but there are still a few that need paid down..or off. ugh.

we should have been working on this crap months ago-- not at the deadline. why do we do this to ourselves???? we do it every time. mid-forties and we still have the maturity of children when it comes to finances. we learned from the best tho--- ugh.

so anyhow-- i woke to a sick child. sick being -- sick in the age of -- i'll die if i have a sore throat.
when i was a kid--- you went to school unless you puking, poopin, or on fire !!! not now. try to send a kid to school with sore throat or a runny nose -- they actually send them home. we are raising a generation of babies. i can't believe it. and i am one that irritated at whimpy sick people.
if you aint pukin, or cryin in agony , get UP and do what you gotta do. if you can sit at the desk here-- you can sit at a desk at school or work dammit!
unless your me, of course. bwa hahaha. if you're me, that's different. i have other ailments that make me sicker than you. so i'm get special treatment. :)) of course you know that's NOT true -- i never get special treatment. everyone hates me. you know. i'm notallowed to besick either.
so get up and get busy dammit.

anyhow-- back to my computer--- can i whine for a minute? ALL my pictures-- and writings are whiped OUT. gone. capoot. (did i spell that right?) anyhow. it's all gone. stories, poems, photos. fish. everything. never to return. i'm devastated. i have two words for you people--- BACK-UP. ok four words-- BACK- UP- YOUR-CRAP. you never know when your computer when crap on you. save yo stuff. cuz you'll never get it back.

this is not the first time this has happened to me, and God knows i shoulda known better. but it's gone anyhow.

LOSS. my middle name.
get over it. my last name
bitch-- my first name? hahaha
pms.. my "whatchacallit." like jr. or the 2nd. etc.

so, anyhow-- i have stuff to do-- i have a teefers cleaning at 10... 40 minutes away. i'm a creature of habit so i still go to my dintist i had way back when , but he's cute and worth the drive. :)) i shall catch y'all later

happy humpday my friends