Monday, May 19, 2008

the neverending monday has ended

finally-- !!!
we have air again.. woo hoo...

the air guys showed up finally-- guess what time? 9 p.m. yep. i started calling around 6 i think. and i wasn't very happy either. but i had expected to at least have heard something, so by that time, i was thinking they weren't coming. and i was roasting. and pretty pissed off. finally, soulman got a hold of them. i called 3 or 4 times, left messages everything-- not a word back-- hubby calls-- and gets called right back. wth??? first the tourney--i'm ousted cuz i'm a woman.. is this the same type of deal? that's what i was thinkin. but anyhow- hubby didn't get off work til 7. they told him they would be here at 8-- they showed at 9 -ish. we were all a bunch of bitches by then. and soulkid had a friend over to stay the night--"to work on a project". suuure. but with 11 days of school left--who really cares. but by 9 or 10 o'clock it occurred to me-- why the hell didn't you stay at HER house? with air conditioning? hmmm... soulkid didn't know--and her friend said because her mom was annoying. well hell-- everyones mom is annoying.. at least it's cool and annoying there. i offered to take them over there , but they didn't want to. man i DID. :))
anyhow-- they DID manage to fix the cooler. at first they thought it was the thermostat, so changed it. NOT. turned out to be some kind of relay or somethin. they left at 11 pm. ugh. but hey-- at least it works. i just hope it keeps workin. i was literally moments away from goin to get a motel room. even the animals were miserable.

so anyhow. the week turned out to be off to a not so terrible start afterall. at least tomorrow i can say that.

we have air :))

i have no more drs' this least for now.

i killed my fly infestation today... with wasp spray--works wonders if you ever end up with such a problem. :))

and-- i have nothing on my schedule for tomorrow. i can or cannot do anything i want to tomorrow . right now i don't know what that will be-but i will fill you in when i decide.

anyways-- here it is.. midnight almost--again, and i am still up---again.
any bets on what time i wake up?
who says 330?
who says 530?
any for 6?

my alarm is set for 530. but that never matters. i could set it for 9 and wake up at 3.
i bet i'm up before the alarm... we shall see.

anyhow--- i was tryin to leave you on a positive note and here comes "debbie downer"

my nephew called me that a while back when i went to chicago.. LOL -- but not just me-- smocha too. we were "debbie downers".

that was an odd trip for those who missed it. actually, i don;t think i wrote a lot of the details here-- but ya-- i think it needed some better planning. and definitely a better hotel room..without pools of blood, and other unpleasant surprises. :))

ok-- anyhow-- i'm goin ta bed--- i shall see y'all tomorrow.


pass the prozac!!!

OMG what a day! and it aint over yet---anyone know when the sun will set ? my gawd it's hot . 100 degrees today. and no air conditioning. aint life grand? !!

ok, that's out of my system.

i of course didn't get any specific details on anything at either doctor today. i'm glad i didn't expect any. i learned my lesson on that one though. i don't really know what to think or expect though either.

the scan lady couldn't tell me nuthin.

and as for neuro-- that one was a bit weird. he did an exam..with the sharp/dull thing.. ya know? well, i have had docs do that before-- a few times--- well.. today was the first time ever-- that it felt different on each side. especially my face. wth does that mean? the whole left side of my body could feel stuff stronger than the right side. BUT my face i could barely feel the pointy thing at all on the left side. friggin weird. weirdest thing? i asked HIM.. THE DR>
"what does that mean?"
know what he said?
"i don't know".
can i just scream?
right now?


he gave me meds.. made a follow up appt in a month.. and i know nuthin. i do know he will review my last MRI of my back and neck..and go from there. so you'll know--when i know.


holy moly it's a monday

hi peeples--

dare i say happy monday?

sure i dare-- happy monday! to you---
i hope it's a decent day for me too-- but to be honest-- i aint feelin too chipper right now. it was yet another 330 morning for me. and man i tell ya i really tried for it NOT to be this time around. i'm
supposed to be fasting
as we speak... for a --yes, another, belly scan this morning. ugh. gawd. help me. am i though. umm. no. i am not. i would be. IF the extra sleeping pill woulda done its job last night, and allowed for the extra hour or two of sleep last night--but did it. umm, obviously not.
so-- i am drinking coffee. black. and don't plan on 2/3 a pot this morning, or do i figure that any bit of a couple cups or so, would be "gone" by 11 am anyhow. so who cares. obviously not me , at this point. it's not an actually "stomach" scan scan anyways. they are checking my pancreas -- i guess. they are so very informative, these people, ya know.
last time we talked all they said was the ct "didn't show my pancreas".. or whatever.
we ALL KNOW it's there--somewhere. geesh.

when they called about that-- i was at dinner out with hubby--obviously didn't have my calender with me, so i just ok'd a appointment for today-- with no way to know if it was "open" or not. well, whenever-- a day or so later-- i get a reminder call from my neuro doc-- i have an appointment with them today also! lovely. 1045 for the ultrasound-- and 330 for the neuro. just peachy. ya know i go into defensive mode for any doc appointment right. so yep-- waking at 330-- two appointments on the way-- behind in all my business and errands-- cranky as hell...ugh. i'm not looking forward to any bit of this.

and-- are y'all ready for the kicker? i feel i can toss this one in now-- seein as today is the day i should -- key word SHOULD find out something about it-- the AC guys SHOULD be BACK today too. my air conditioner quit-- yes QUIT again on friday-- if not thursday... and it has been one hot mo-fo out here. (it blows HOT air/and has the heater smell) - i have not wanted to bring it up on here-- cuz i knew once i mentioned it-- i would do nuthin BUT mention it.. for days. (motha was lucky enough for a small rant last night :))
it's killin us. but you know- bein US -- it would happen on a weekend. so there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it. we had to simply turn it OFF, and open windows. and really that did nuthin. ok it helped a little, but not much at all. false hope? i don't know. it's not a breaker switch ..or anything that a person with no knowledge of such things such as ourselves could deal with. and really, it made for some crabby souls around on the weekend. ugh. so,the a/c guys are supposed to come fix it today-- but i will believe that when i see it. honestly-- i don't expect to see it-- not today, at least.

on a good note-- we have decided to fish the tournament next friday night. sweet revenge--i hope.
hubby knows a couple guys this time who will be fishin it--so it should be a little less awkward at weigh in-- at least there will be a couple peeps that will be civil towards us.; they know me too-- and don't hate me. :)) one of them is his regular fishin partner for the other tourneys he has been fishin. he's an alright guy-- just a little uptight when he doesn't catch fish.
but that's alright. anyhow-- we are hoping to catch some good fish this time, and put these asshats in their place this time. and really are hoping for a better time. i know i'm bringin bug spray this time--- the gnats were a bitch -- did i mention that ? anyhow-- i already told my child not to call every ten minutes. so that should help. i hope. doesn't mean we will win money-- i just want some weighable fish-- bigger than "tinY"

welp-- i don't guess i have i have anything else to cry about-- i mean say. :))
well.. i do-- i just won't. yet . maybe i'll do that later. :))

hope y'all have happy days in your worlds today--

i am merely hoping i can maintain my people skillz.. and not yell at anyone today. i really don't handle the business aspect of people very well anymore. there was a time that i did. but people just really piss me off these days-- and i kinda have a way of lettin em know that a bit too often.

i'm thinkn soulman "gets" to deal with the a/c guys today-- that would be wonderful-- but it's only if they show up while i'm gone-- or before he goes to work. (at 3) -ugh.. let's all just hope that happens-- cuz i really already know-- i don't deal with them well. and well-- we already know i don't handle doctors well either huh? hmm.. i think i'm just kinda screwed today. dammit.