Monday, May 5, 2008

mindless monday mumbles

hiya folks...
i know i'm late today-- but as they say-- bettah late than nevah..

anyhow--- i haven't made my rounds today so i don't really have a clue what's goin on out there right now. but i shall be hittin a few pages in a bit..and hopefully finishing up before bed tonight.

not much happenin around soulland today...

soulman didn't have to work so we went fishin earlier-- we both caught one fish each-- might have done a little better but we didn't stay long, only about an hour or so.
we didn't get a pic of soulmans' but do ya wanna see mine? :))
nobody has requested a name for this one... so if ya wanna claim him .. he's yours-- first come first served-- i already have a couple ideas for a couple peeps-- so if your one of them.. it oughtta be easy to name him.. if not-- i will just have to get creative... :))
so anyways-- here he is--

(click to enlarge)

after that we went to chipotle for lunch-- to go-- and OMG-- i ate the whole damn thing. have y'all ever had-- or seen a chipotle burrito?? it is rare that i get through half of one.. but i ate all of it today-- the damn thing has to be two pounds of food. ugh. i knew i was done for soon as the last bite hit my belly. i told soulman.. i'll be asleep within the hour-- and i was. :((

which meant-- nuthin else on my to do list got touched--- except takin soulkid to ortho--- i got her from school at 245-- like ten minutes after i woke up from my nap :(
turns out, she will be released from braces jail tomorrow! woo hoo! no more worryin about the damned rubber bands .. yippee. now i just have to remind her to wear the damn retainer. the bottom will be "attached".. glued or bolted-- i don't know-- but they can't do that with the top-- lord i wish they could-- cuz i know it will be hell. they said-- if she had trouble with the bands-- she'll have trouble with the retainer. hopefully not-- i said i'll bolt the thing in myself!
i had to sign a "non-compliance letter today due to her not wearing the bands-- she has benefited as much as she ever will at this point without wearing the bands like she is sposed to... so i just told them to take em off! then they gave me this "letter" to sign.. ugh.
but what a relief.. for all of us.

so anyhow-- we just got home from there a little bit ago-- now we are tryin to figure out what to do for dinner-- i have pork chops out-- but it seems no one wants em.. and i don't much feel like cookin em.. sooo-- we shall see. personally i just wanna put my jammies on and stay where i'm at-- and have them go bring somethin home... and maybe watch a movie. we have sweeney todd, and the waterhorse--- they've been sittin here for days and we haven't watched either of them. both are sposed to be good. i will let ya know, if we get around to watchin one.

welp-- that's about it on my end-- catch ya on yours in a while--