Thursday, October 20, 2011

gettin shot in the neck can't be fun

how's things peeps?  good i hope.

things here?  well, hard to say.  but i'm ready to leave and had a few minutes to spare and figgered i'd spend em with y'all.   i know my thoughts and words have been a total mess here lately, but hey, gimmee some credit for at least tryin to stay in touch eh?  anyhow  what am i ready for? to go get shot to hell. that's what. yeh.  i think i mentioned it a few days ago.  i have to go get more steroid shots today.  i have been needin them for several months , but putting em off due to lack of funds.  the pain has gotten to a level that i just can't stand anymore.  i did a little robbing from peter to pay paul and made it happen.  so i go in this morning - like in about 20 minutes to get the procedure done.  i've had these injections before - just not this many .  this time there will be four - in three areas.  two in my neck - two in my spine.  like i said before - i don't fear the shots -- i'm asleep when they do them.  i don't feel anything.  afterwards i wake up within 30 , minutes. then i leave. my hubby drives me and picks me up - he always has me a fresh cup of coffee - cuz i can't have anything (fast) before the procedure. so you know i'm ready to kill someone and have a bad headache by then.  anyhow - we go home - i sleep off the sleepy meds from the doc. and life goes on.  thing is?  this time - i just have a strange feeling about the whole thing.  one like i've not had before.  i feel like i will have a lot of pain afterwards. i hope it's just a worry, or a normal thing.  maybe it's because i am at the  level of pain that i am at right now.  getting better due to a few shots seems unreachable as a quick fix.  i don't know why i feel like it isn't gonna work, or that it may back-fire is beyond me. but the thought hasn't left my mind since i got this scheduled.  in the last few months i have learned to live my life as it is .. deal with the pain, and do the best that i can, when i can.  weird thing is -- since i scheduled the shots?  either the pain has gotten worse , or i fell back into the old habits, and gave into it again.  either way - i'm not liking the results.  and i can only hope that this round will relieve some if not a lot of this pain, and i can get back to where i was.  or better. 

i know you each have your own stuff goin on in your worlds - i hope it's gettin handled -- don't let it handle YOU !

i gotta go get shot up :))

i'll check in later -- when i wake up -- or sober up   -- whichever comes first