Tuesday, June 9, 2009


that was then.
who woulda ever thought that this
little dude woulda turned into

THIS little guy?
not so little eh?

but, this is now.
aren't they adorable?

and hopefully
happiness forever.

(did i cry when i saw the pix?
i'll never tell. :))

ok.. on to other things.... someone mentioned they hoped i could sleep off yesterdays migraine. well.. did i? you betchya! i slept from about about 1230 or 1 until... this morning at like 7 a.m. !! the migraine is gone -- but now i can't move for the friggin back and neck pain. someone really just nees to take me out and shoot me like some ole glue factory horse--- i aint worth anymor than that lately.
these past four days our so -- i am totally useless. the pain and tiredness is killin me.
and i really don't know why i'm so dang tired. i've been sleeping pretty good at night--- but i have been sleeping for hours during the day too. and this is the week i really need to be cleaning my house-- to make it presentable for company! i have been overcome by pain this week though, maybe that has somethin to do with it-- i had three migraine days in a row-- cramps-- and back pain. four days of pure hell.

ok... whine fest over.

oh-- summer school... i don't even remember if i mentioned the outcome of that-- it's a yes. she started yesterday. good thing tho? somehow, i got out of paying this time. i don't know how-- i think it has something to do with her not attending the full year. as she was enrolled and disenrolled a couple times. anyhow-- otherwise i woulda had to pay like 200.00. ugh. thank God for small..ok big.. favors. so yep-- 7:50- noon for three weeks. she was pretty upset at first -- obviously. but after realizing, that she would have a chance at catching up-- if she actually worked hard-- if she did her work in summer school-- and one semester at this school next year-- she would actually be able to NOT repeat the full 9th grade next year. she could just do one semester-- or less, as they work at their own pace at this school. she could move into the tenth grade as soon as she was caught up. it wouldn't work that way if she went into 9th at a regular school next year. partly, because she wouldn't have the same motivation, and partly because it just wouldn't work that way. so by the 10th grade golden carrot being dangled in front of her-- i think she will work hard, and do well. at least i hope so. i also think she is finally accepting responsibility for where she's at right now. she messed up and she knows it. we did more than our part to help her. it's her turn now. and other than school.. she is doing good for now-- and lately. so i'm just gonna do what i can, and the rest is her responsibility.

well, hmmmm... it kinda sucks when ya sleep half your life away-- i don't think i have much else to say right now. i do have a ton of laundry to do though.. along with other housework. my fridge is still sparklin clean..and mostly empty :)) i need to get groceries, and do what cleaning i can before i suffer the mysterious burnout.
really the nap thing used to be a way of life for me, but this is gettin bad lately. no way should i be sleepin 14 hours straight.. it's only been that bad a few times... but that is just wrong. and four or five hour naps? not likin that either. i even switched my meds around the the drowsy ones i take at night.. and a few nights i have even been-- or fallen asleep without them... it's been literally years since i've slept through the night without meds. WTH? if i hadn't gained all this weight i'd be thinkin i might need to see a doctor... but i'm too fat to be sick. what to do, what to do.

anyhow peeps... i'll get into my comment boxes and reply real quick, then i gotta get some work done before i gotta go get my child.

happy tuesday!