Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my body clock is losin time

hiya peoples-
another wednesday eh?
feels like it should be friday. this week is goin fast, but it seems slow, so it seems later in the week than it is. hmm, somehow that doesn't seem like i worded it right-- but regardless-- it seems like it's not wednesday. but more like the end of the week. and i wish it was.


but anyhow-- for only bein the middle of the week, i also feel like i should have accomplished a ton more than i have. i haven't done squat. almost. i have done a few things. but for the most part -- know what i've done? well, squat. yep. ya know how they say that back 'injuries' -- or back pain-- doesn't usually catch up with ya for a day or two??? believe it. somehow -- that little bit of trivia had slipped my mind the other day. you know, the day that i had tried to keep busy, and not feel sorry for myself. i went fishin, and to the movies, and did a few other things? yeh, well. i felt good, and kinda took advantage of that and did even more --- until-- mid day-- the next day.
that's when it happened. that's when the big bad back monster bit me. that's when the pain i had expected the day before-- from fishin, standin, walkin, etc etc.... hit me like a ton of bricks. i was pretty close to good for nuthin-- for the next two days-- or day and a half- or whatever. ugh. no need to ask if i've been fishin since-- or anywhere actually. i've been here at home since. except for school taxi-- and very little -- if anything else.

when i am housebound-- i become bitchy--(er) :)) -- and depressed.. and nobody likes me. even my sushi doesn't like me. she gets over excited about the goings on outside since she got spayed -- her yapping and barking is gonna kill me. so i'm even bitchy at her lately. poor baby.

i even called the moving company this morning-- perhaps in search of someone to bitch at? well -- i'm just too damn 'nice' for my own good. i couldn't be mean to him.
the man is losing his business, lost his house, living with his brother, etc etc etc. the mans life sounds like he has been touched by MY curse. i just let it go. my intent was to try and get a settlement out of court -- just because this resentment i am carrying about the robbery is contributing to my stress level, that is in turn, making me have belly probs. i figured if i could just get some type of 'closure' on this.. i would stop dwelling or thinking of it so much. right? well, wrong. i wished him the best in his string of bad luck-- and ended it. it's over. the whole thing. i'm just out-- out my jewelry-- out of luck-- and out of gas.

so what else? have i said one positive thing in this entire post yet? i don't think so. i'm sorry. this was not my intention. i thought i might have somethin good to say next-- but-- well the next thing on my mind is this:

about a month ago, i put my beautiful, 200.00, down filled , WHITE, comforter, in the cleaners. i got it back a couple days later... as the weather got chillier and chillier , i got more and more anxious to put it on my bed.
but with it being white-- and soon, TWO dogs in heat-- i couldn't put it on the bed yet.
then after that -- TWO cats gettin de-clawed -- i had to wait for their little feets to stop bleedin. then -- of course we had loads of rain. for- evah---- finally two- maybe three days ago-- i said screw it... i was cold, and i wanted to put my dang comforter on my bed--- still, with no new duvet cover--- shoot me, i been busy.. so anyhow-- take a wild guess what happened last night. just a shot in the dark. any takers? i know someone guessed it. who was it? i bet you were right. ready? yep. you guessed it.
i woke up this mornin, turned on the light, and guess what i saw at the foot of my bed, on my beautiful , down filled, white comforter???? GREEN hairball filled, cat barf!!!!!
OMG!!!! i am still mortified. there is also a heapin helpin of the same on the back of my 'executive' office desk chair-- which was also not cheap.
yes-- i will be breakin out the peroxide and toothbrushes and rags in a while. i know-- i shoulda done it already-- but i have had other things to do. but i am so not happy about this.
and-- i will be going to buy a duvet cover TODAY. i would already have one-- but if y'all recall, we kinda got raked over the coals last pay period as far as cash goes-- like with -- eevee gettin spayed 300 bill, soulkids 180 dental bill, my 190 medical bill, my car payment - that i won't speak of - cuz it makes me gag, which have all in themselves left us pretty broke for the last four or five days. (not mentioning life's own necessities ) broker than we've been for a while. it wasn't fun. lemmee tell ya. we had to resort to plastic just to get thru -- now we have to pay that back. ugh.

so. i'm sure there's more-- but holy cripes... is that a word? is it a word i should say? hmm. i don't even know where it came from. anyhow--- i think i should shut my mouth for the day.

i just thought i should post-- perhaps i was kinda wrong? don't answer that-

just have a happy humpday in your worlds--