Thursday, January 17, 2008

well, let's see if i can do any better today shall we?

apparently yesterdays post was quite the downer for most . y'all know that wasn't my intention.
i considered deleting it. but then re-thought that, and decided - i just deleted nearly a year of my life on this blog, and i wasn't about to start making a habit of that; simply because i feel i may have made some folks uncomfortable. this blog is my almost daily life -- and most of you know, my life isn't filled with candy canes and fairy tales. it just isn't. it never has been. and i am brutally honest about that. if anybody who reads here can't handle what happens here then don't read here. it's your choice.
every single one of you know how i feel about you. i shouldn't have to explain that--- or myself. i shouldn't have to defend myself, my family, my feelings, myself, or what i say here. ok.. i take the last part back-- i know there are times, i say the wrong thing... i think i apologize when i realize it though.. sometimes it takes longer than others to realize i've done that-- but when i do--- i make it right. or at least i hope i do. my intention is not to hurt anybody here. ever.

so anyhow....
on to other things....
there are no other things.
i am trapped at home today. hubby had to take my drivers license to work with him so he could fax it to the car place. i don't know. it's some stupid crap. i was apparently on the first loan on the nissan... and the title--- but now, i am NOT on this loan.. or the title-- which actually burns my ass a bit. but for some damn reason they need a copy of my license-- even though the loan went through fine.. i don't know.. i'm not a car person. so, i was sposed to fax it yesterday--- but .. well, i didnt.... then we were gonna do it last night when we went out-- and didn't.. so hubby took it to now i can't drive today--- because with my damn luck--- today, without a license-- with the wrong friggin address, because , yep you guessed it-- we didn't get new ones yet-- today would be the day i'd get stopped for something. and that would just be lovely. so i will just stay here. thank you very much.
besides, soulkid gets home early again today anyhow.
and yes... in case you are wondering she does know how to let herself into the house, and is quite capable of doing so, and being alone ... i just prefer to be here. i'm overprotective that way.
if you lived my life, you would know why.

anyhow-- i think i sound quite bitchy this morning. perhaps i should go for a while.

i will be taking care of some business, and more catchup, and the dreaded housework today. that is how being trapped here for the day will pay off. i do have a lot to do here today. hopefully the motivation deficiency i suffer will not affect me .

i hope you all enjoy your days today---