Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo Challenge Post - Memories -

howdy folks -
as usual, i'm late getting my post up .  i just can't remember anything these days .  not that it's a new problem.  it is a problem though.  i didn't remember it was time for this, even though i had been looking forward to it for a few weeks.  do you think i was prepared early? nope.  maybe next time. ok.. for sure next time.

moving on to the photos - the topic for this challenge is 'Memories' , and after sifting through many  photos,  and favorites, i have got it down to a handful.  not an easy task for a picture taking fool, such as myself.

 here we have my two most loved dogs of my life.
"Midnight, and Chicklet"

 i took this pic on a overnite concert trip with soukid-
when we lived in NM, she was obviously thrilled to go to her first 'Big concert'
'Fall out boy'

daddy daughter fishin smiles :))
one of my favorite photos ever of them together
we lived in KS, and this was a FUN camping trip

a very relaxed and even sexy soulman :))
(he woulda been in jeans - but he just had hernia surgery)

another fave -- just the kid havin fun and bein silly 

thanks for stopping by - i'll be around your places soon to see what your favorite memories are