Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy giblets peoples!

howdy folks ! i bet i'm the last one to say hello in blogland today? sorry . how rude of me. i won't make excuses, but i do apologize. i meant to get here sooner. every time i tried i got sidetracked or the phone rang, or this or that-- you know how it goes.

anyhow---- i hope everybody had fantastic turkey days!

ours was pretty good. lots to be thankful for around here. surviving the year i reckon was a feet in itself for a couple of us over here in soulland.

we decided we would step away from the traditions and go with a good ole smoked beef brisket this year. traditions are "for the birds" apparently. wanna know why i say so? cuz, for new years, we decided to go the traditional route for the first time in either of our lives and try the black eyed pea thing. and in return, what did we get? well, we went broke. we got mice in the attic. the ceiling leaked, the A/C went out. soulkid fell apart. i had like three trips to the emergency room.. for real live emergencies. UGH. i coulda gone at any time gilberT. soulman broke his hand. i'll stop there-- cuz if i start TRYIN to remember lord knows WHAT i might find. :)) anyways.. point bein... no more goin with the flow / just for the sake of traditions sake any more for this soul clan. nuh uh no way no how. we'll pick our meals by fate, not what the neighbors have on their plate. :))

ugh-- i know-- that was baaaad huh? oh well, i'm done .

sssoooooooo....... i haven't smoked yet-- and OMG i WANT to soooo bad . i have three packs around here and i could smoke at my leisure. just the thought makes my jaw twitch. erg. my poor jaw. this gum is gonna kill me. i chew it too hard or too long or too something-- but man-o-man it flippin aches. it hurt to just eat my meal today. i may be doing permanent damage to my face and jaw muscles just tryin to not smoke. what a trade-off.
go ahead--- it's your turn to tell me i'd be better off smokin :))
kiddin. i am, but i'm not. hmmmmm.

so. anyhow. what else?

nuthin i guess. just a happy turkey day for now.
i'll save all the boring junk for tomorrow.