Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Ok, you're ok

Hey folks, i just wanna say thanks to you peoples who've been checkin in, emailing, and calling, and such. I am really doin ok. Better than even i thought i was doing. I'm doin great! I didn't realize that until today til i talked to my really close friend on the phone and she made it clear to me that i am doin better than i knew. I love her for that - and so much more!!! I have other friends that make me aware of things i don'tbsee too.. And it helps so much!, A shit ton more than the folks that have comments that bring me don,thinking tey are comedians etc. orbthinking teir sense of humor is 'the way to go'... I have warped sense of humourvtoo.. And it has a way ofkeping me alive at times too. But there are timestoo, that i need a true friendtonunderstand when life is serious.... And y'all that have recently stepped up and taken the time to take things seriosly - i love ya for that. ! Now and always!!!! Somehow this text got all screwedbup... If you can decipher it, perfect! If not? Sorry.. I can't either :((