Saturday, October 24, 2009

what else ya got ? i can take it :))

please sir, can i have some more?

mornin y'all

terrific -- the great mystery underlining has joined us. hmmm.

anyhow-- it'll go away eventually. maybe. it's just one- a - those things that likes to mess with me ya know. i'm learning to just deal with it.

so-- where was i? nowhere really -- yet. so, let's get a move on. here it is, saturday morning. the day i was lookin forward to of stayin in my jammies, bein lazy -- an no-- i'm not 'always lazy' as some may think. but yeh.. my lazy , jammy saturday -- with no kid taxi or errands or dr's involved -- has kinda flown out the window. yes, already.
it began with wakin up --- for no apparent reason other than.. being me -- at 6 a.m. was i happy about that? hell no.
i may have been ok any of the days last week that i would have liked some quiet time in the morning, or perhaps a shower without having to come back from school to take it. things like that ya know. but as for this morning? nope. i woulda loved a mystery 'why did i sleep til 9 a.m. day.' didn't happen tho. prolly cuz i went to bed too early. but that was much needed too. no laptop. no nuthin. nope-- no sleep smokin, or sleep bloggin, and jlee-- no sleep eatin either... i guess i haven't told you those stories yet--- it's been done-- and soulman has PICTURES! ugh :))
it's a dangerous habit-- another i am trying to break. i thought eatin in bed would be safer than smokin--- it's not. trust me on this. best thing to do after xanax? lay down and do nothing! don't speak, eat, type, smoke, or move-- and everyone will be better off for it. :))

oh , i also had to have my first -- thrown into the fire-- sink-or-swim-- learn to use the new coffee maker -- or have no coffee -- lesson this morning-- guess what?
i passed. piece of cake. i kinda new it would be-- i just fear new things. hubby has had his truck longer than i have had my car--- i am still afraid to drive his truck. of course it is the size of three of my cars--- but it scares me. i refuse to drive it-- other than to pull the boat out of the water. ugh.

alright enough bs'n around ...

lemmee just answer a few things from my 'many' comments from yesterdays post. -- oh i know it's a weekend-- y'all have better things to do that blog. but for those who did say stuff-- better here than there-- cuz a lot of folks -- other than those who asked stuff in there-- don't go there -- so:

1- donna -- damn straight-- the only break i get -- is in a bone :))
and you just don't know how MUCH i hate to cry! -- i feel out of control or something.
i hate it , and i don't 'want to cry'. it sneaks up on me-- and 'i can't like it'
i hope you have a happy saturday!

2- Smocha -- as for --
'what is the gastro doc 'lookin for' ??

well -- i went in to see him with symptoms of --

pain, nausea, reflux/heartburn, and no appetite-and "early saity" - which is gettin full too fast. --- which can lead to malnutrition.. weight loss etc. (damn the bad luck huh? :))

well, that is why he ordered the upper gastro test-- "endoscopy" -- because YES-- bad me-- i have been takin loads of excedrine -- which by '' several'' dr's orders i am NOT supposed to take-- ever again.
sometimes i have no choice. i have a near daily headache -- all of which aren't migraines.. i take imitrex for migraines-- that is rx'd , and limited -- of course -- and obviously it does 'things to your veins, and shit in your brain-- which -- i already have problems with ("vasculitis") -- so -- anyhow -- yes -- i do eat tons of excedrine.. and i KNOW it's not good for me. so they were gonna go in and look for bleeding ulcers-- bleeding anything-- and just check on 'things. i've been too stressed -- and as you know-- i "stuff just about everything" -- even he told me i had to find something other than 'internalizing all this stuff.

and just so ya know-- if i didn't mention it-- during my mental attack at the pain doc yesterday-- she said the same thing-- suggested -- hypno-therapy-- a therapist-- acupuncture-- she knows what this is doing to me-- but i told her if i did 'talk -- or even whine about 'everything' -- no one would put up with it.
the mere 'how are you' -- is a rhetorical question, with me. there's no need for me to speak -- nobody wants to hear it.

anyhow-- THEN the labs come back to show -- anemia-- and that throws up a red flag-- so on top of lookin for a belly bleed -- they have to look for a rectal-- or whatever -- at that end-- bleed as well.

so y'all -- how's the weather at your place!!!!! ??????

please do have fantastic weekends -- enjoy the fams and friends -- and i'm buyin a round for everyone-- just send the bill my way :))