Sunday, March 2, 2008

my movie review - etc...

well, it was good enough to keep me awake... so that's a good sign.
it had a lot of good , well known people in it too.. tommy lee jones, woody harrelson.. and the main guy-- looked almost exactly like my (dead) brother in law-- that was really weird. reeeeeallllly weird.
the other main character (i guess there were several "main" characters ) but the other one.. the "bad guy" man he was really crazy. like no emotion. no pain, no anger, nothin. but he was really mean. i've seen him in other movies but don't know his name. i sure wouldn't wanna run into him on the street though.

anyhow.. it's a pretty good movie. pretty violent though. well.. real violent actually. if you can't look at blood-- you don't want to see it. it's bloody. but worth seeing. one tip-- when the sheriff starts talkin about a dream..late in the movie-- pay attention-- i kinda drifted off --- and well.. that's the ending.. just so ya know. :))
so, if ya wanna know how it ends-- don't ask me.

as far as any shopping... we didn't have time.. we got there just in time for the movie-- and the mall closed at 6 .. so by the time we got out it was already closed. so we met the kids at starbucks--got a coffee and came home..well took one kid home, got them food, i was still full of nachos, so i skipped dinner.. then we came home.

and will someone tell me somethin???? why is it.. every single time i go to starbucks... i get treated like it is the first time i have ever been there??? i order an iced mocha with double coffee. i KNOW they put "3 shots" of coffee in it. therefore-- double equals SIX. but every time.. they think they have to explain it to me. it really gets irritating. one time though.. i ordered a double iced mocha.... wanna know what i got??? i got a iced mocha with double ICE!!
i was so mad... i think i asked her if she was retarded. she probably spit in the one she re-made.
but good lord. is stupidity a pre-requisite to making coffee???
or-- fast food for that matter? we went to wendys for food tonight... not even a lot of food-- 2 meals--- they forgot one of the fries. good thing i checked. but we had to go back. i swear it's true when i say "it's cuz i'm me!" is it karma.. or the curse?? i swear it's somethin. cuz this much crap just doesn't happen to people. it's just too stupid. and frequent. dontcha think?

anyhow--- i think that's about it. i reckon i shall cruise a bit and check up on y'all ...

i have the EEG tomorrow morning... i don't know how long it will take for the results--- hopefully they will be ok whenever they do get back. i keep thinking back to when i was getting lost all the time. i still get lost sometimes.. but not as much as i was like 6 or 8 months ago.... remember that?? i could hardly get in the car without getting lost! i was wondering then and am now... if i was having seizures... hmmmm.... wth??? if so... why??? and if so--- is it gonna happen again... i mean convulsions... and if so.. is it gonna be a frequent thing...
sorry... but it's just something i am worried about. i hope the tests will be able to give me some answers. but i know that may not happen. and really , that sucks.

g'night folks..

what are y'all doin today?

jitterbug is camouflaged into my rug ! and almost as large too! :)) you'd think i'd be used to seeing her blend into the carpet by now, but i'm not-- it cracks me up every time. camo - kitty.

anyhow-- i don't have a thing to say right now. i'm runnin on about four hours sleep--and about the same amount of time worth of paying bills. i'm starvin as usual.. and i have to go face mall-hell... and we are gonna go see no country for old men. i just may take a nap there. it's hubbys' pick.. and i'm not real sure about it. it may be good, i hope it is.. but if not-- i don't mind sleepin-- we all know that's true right. but not before my nachos! :))

jamie put the purse bug in my ear-- so i may look for one-- or not. depends on if i feel like walkin...and i really should-- seein as i've been on my arse for a whole week. and aside from that soulkid has a birthday comin up-- the 9th-- so i may look for something for her while we're there. she's hookin up with a friend... a BOY. great-- a new boy even.. a new boy-- with staples in his damn face! ok.. not staples-- "snake-bites. even better. NOT. ugh. if you have boys-- be grateful. girls are so difficult.

anyhow-- i will catch up with y'all latah... if i live through the mall and boy excursion.