Saturday, September 20, 2008

better than nothin?

no, i didn't have to hunt this one down. it's been on my playlist for a long time. just figured now would be a good time to post it, since i have nothin to say.
well.. except-- that for those who don't know-- i did attempt to catch up a little last night with some of y'all.. and actually fell asleep-- somewhere. i don't remember where-- but one of you does, :)-

so ya--- happy saturday folks--
i know y'all aren't stupid people. so yep-- i have some heavy shit goin down here on the homefront. and i can't discuss it here with you. there was a time that i would have freely blabbed it all over the place. but i have learned along this road of blogging, that what i don't own.. i can't give away.

but i do love and miss you all.. and one of these days, i will get my shit together and hopefully be back on the bloggin trail. i miss it-- i miss y'all. but i literally am either busy, gone, or exhausted... and when or if i do make it into these pages-- i'm more often than not-- on one type of med or another-- if not pain.. anxiety---or sleep. so forgive me if i have been an ass anywhere.

til next time..
be happy-