Saturday, January 10, 2009

i'm home, and fed, and my dead - sore self is planted in my bed

and that just might be sayin somethin considering what i spent about a hundred miles driving on this morning. i don't do ice guys. if you read my earlier post--you know why. it scares the crap outta me. in fact, the stupid little rental car i was driving almost came out from under me just as i was turning out of jamies complex this morning. no shit. i was at a red light in her parking lot-- it turned green...i made a left turn..and whoops there i went-- slidin across the road. i just don't do ice. needless to say .. the 2 and a half hour drive took me like, oh say.. four damn hours. yes. really. it took me so long that jamie called as i walked into the terminal to see if i even got there.
she's used to that stuff--- not me. ice country people drive like the road is dry--- which is terrifying--just so ya know. big rigs would pass me-- on the icy left--fast lane.. i could envision the big ole trailer sliding into my cracker box tinker toy of a "vehicle" - goin 49 mph at the most. they hated me, and i didn't care. i hated them too. cars did it too, but the big rigs were the worst--- just whizzin by. i'm lucky i lived through it. the way i feel, you would think i drove to frickin california. no kiddin. all tensed up--and the car felt like i was sittin on a friggin cinder block. not to mention havin to go out in the freezin cold at like 530 and clear off about 3-4 inches of snow, and scrape ice, and sit in the freezin car til it warmed up-- which took like half an hour. POS avio. NEVER buy one. never even take one as a gift. it's a horrid vehicle. i can't even call it a car. it's a nightmare. but-- i am grateful it did it's job, and got me there safe. can't ask for more i reckon. well--- comfort shouldn't be too much to ask. you'd think.

anyhow--- i do believe that i am cooked. i am so tired i can't even see.

hope you all have happy weekends..
i hope to---
i do have a large hurdle to jump tho
pray i don't break my face on it. :))

my bags are packed-i'm ready to go - all i can see- is F'N snow

seriously folks, it's frickin snowin here . and i don't mean texas style. i am in iowa, and it's snowin like iowa is tellin me to get the hell out. the weather has pushed my time to leave for the airport up an hour-- just in case. ugh. i was gonna head out around 9:00 or 9:30 -- originally and drive to kansas city to the airport. on the way here i made it in just over two and a half hours on the road. today? God only knows. i'll have to leave around 8:00, and hopefully , just hopefully, not find myself in a ditch. and make it to my flight on time to get home on time and not spend a million hours in a stupid airport. i am not a frequent flyer-- i don't enjoy flying -- and i absolutely hate sittin around waiting. anywhere. be it an airport-- or a doctors waiting room. i just hate doing nothing. well.. sometimes. i guess it is waiting. it just makes me nervous or something. but anyhow -- oh how sweeeeettt--- the news just came on and said the roads are "snow covered , and travel today will be trecherous".
isn't that delightful?
y'all know i am not aq snow person. the last time i drove on ice-- it was a total surprise goin over the mountains in santa rosa new mexico on my way home from my moms funeral... i managed ok.. but i lost my ass end of my pickup i couldn't tell you how many times-- and there were two or three fatal accidents i got the pleasure of passing on three hour trip over that mountain that normally would take 45 minutes.
the time before that when i drove on ice-- or an ice storm really -- was in whichita, when soulkid was about 5... in a jeep even... on black ice-- it was actually just moments before the ice storm. i barely touched the brakes, but i was on an overpass... next thing i knew we were spinnin in circles across the two lane (4 lane) highway, a coffee cup between my legs flying out of my lap and spilling all over my jeans--- it was horrible. the next thing i remember was letting go of the wheel and turning around to see if soulkid was ok in the back seet-- first yelling her name. we went sliding down a very steep hill, that at the bottom was a concrete culvert i guess (?) i don't know if that's what it's called.. but there was a creek or stream there-- at the top where the jeep "landed" was a flat concrete "top" -"platform?"-- to the culvert-- we were sooo close to having had rolled down that hill.. or flipping over the edge of that "thing" and into the freezing water. it was so scary. no one up on the hi-way could see us. nobody knew we were down there. within five minutes the ice-rain-snow- whatever-- began comin down..and hard--and fast. i was afraid to take soulkid out in that at all. i was afraid to leave her in the jeep. so i couldn't go up to the road for help. in such a short time visibility was zero. then i got afraid of getting run over if we went up there. i tried and tried to get that damn truck to move-- nothing worked. i was soaking wet and freezing to death. i was too scared to constantly run the heater; from stories i had heard. i didn't own a cell phone. i was in hell. froze over--literally. we had to have been there for two hours-- freezing to death and scared. finally i had to brave the storm. soulman was off work that day and home--asleep-- i bundled up soulkid and we struggled to get ourselves up that icy snow covered hill.. it felt like mt. everest at the time.. it was horrible. as soon as our -- well my-- head pooped up over that hill.. a pickup truck honked for us to get in. it was scary because i couldn't see into the truck.. but 1 more second in that weather would be 1 second too long; so i opened it-- well tried to--it was froze shut-- so they kicked it from the inside--- i sheepishly peeked in, silently praying for a safe ride to a phone.... and it was. it was one lady driving, and she she told u to get in. she only needed to take us like a block or two to the closest pay phone and of course soulman came and rescued us.
but i have to say--- that has been on my mind since about 2:30 a.m when i saw the snow-- and snow plows outside.

and oh gawd -- look at the time-
it's just about time for me to fly. well... crawl apparently. so far from what the news says-- my first hour or so will be pretty bad and snowy-- and scary :((
after that it should be alright-- if i make it that far--- whaaaaaa

anyhow-- so far the flight is on schedule..that's good.

keep yer fingers crossed peeps-

i'l talk to you from HOME