Friday, March 28, 2008

friday has arrived

doesn't she look like just THE perfect dog?
well, in a way; or even many ways; she actually is.
BUT-- she is actually, at this point, the first animal, of any kind,
that we have owned , in many years,
that has let it be known that i am not her favorite human in the bunch.

do i care?
not as much as i care about the damn "mysterious underlining" all of the sudden!
but yes, it does bother me some.
BUT-- y'all surely remember, about the time that we had to put my midnight to sleep a couple months ago: i said i wasn't, and wouldn't be ready for a dog of my own, or the responsibility of loving or taking care of one for "a while".
so, by her making it clear that her favorites don't include me.. is actually ok.
just odd in comparison,
to being the dr. doolittle that i,m used to being here.
but hey.. i said i wouldn't feed a new dog, and i haven't-- and i do wonder-
is that where the difference really lies in where an animal decides who they love?

she really does love soulman though. and that really makes me happy.
we have gotten dogs for him before, and it seems that even HIS dogs end up "loving" me more.
i spose because with me not working.. they spend more time with me, and it just ends up that way. not this one. she knows her daddy. and at times when he is out, she will sit with her back to me, facing the front door, literally for hours! just waiting for him to come back.
it's actually kinda sad. but funny too.
seems we have enough animals with issues here. but i guess there's always room for another.
she does like soulkid too.
just not me.

even tho it's HER fault that i woke up at like 215 or so this morning because of hER-
and her issues.
she was turning circles in her crate .. for like half an hour.
very ungracefully i might add.
i finally decided she must have to go potty-- and soulman was surely not hearing any of it.
i thought i would be able to put her out and go back to sleep--
WHY i thought that , i have no idea--
it never happens...
and it didn't.
i put her out had a smoke while i waited, got her put back in her crate..
but that was it for me.
so i started the coffee..
edited some pix we took yesterday-
and here i am.

doin what i do best-
the smoke n choke-
it's actually kinda peaceful.
seems it hasn't been for a while--
shit i spoke too soon
i hear sushi from the kids' room.
now i have to go mess with her-
outside- inside- on my lap- farting-
she does love me though.
unlike her new buddy.
who, btw- kicked her little ass yesterday!
i hope they get along better when sushi goes out of heat.
what a pain in my ass.
animal-hell, i say.
---awww--once i see her, i just can't be mad---
well, til she makes me let her back in, in like one minute :))

well anyhow--
would be Jitterbug--whohas now decided to place her Hindenburg ass
on my belly--in front of my puter screen, mind you-
and knead my belly like a big lump of bread dough!
and no-- it doesn't feel good.. the cat weighs like 20 poounds--or more. she's a lardo-- with bear claws!

that was yesterday morning-
she was playing with a bag-
and got her dumb ass stuck.
she walked around the house that way for half an hour before we rescued her-
but NOT before we made her pose for photos of her "caught in a hanger!"

someone tell me why this thing keeps underlining AT WILL ! wth?

here is my sushi!

she isn't thrilled to have EEVEE here.
but she likes her ok.
they play some.. but they fight some too.
sushi really really loved midnight.
and i do think she is a bit confused about what's happening.
plus her hormones are out of whack.
poor baby.
i think they'll be ok.
right now they are in competition over a lot though.
people, toys, crates, name it.
they are both out of their minds.
but then again..
who isn't, right?

and lastly---
no, not saving the best for last--
but vice versa

shield your eyes!!!

but-- some have wanted to see my granny glasses-
yes the tri-focals
(that don't work)

i bring you
granny soul with sushi !

i hope you all have happy days in your worlds today-
i'll try--