Sunday, February 17, 2008

dirty dishes and pigs ass

so, what's goinin on peeps?

i'm late gettin around to read-- and to post--as you can see.

we had a pork butt problem earlier. the big ole chunk of pork that i got a few days ago-- with plans of slappin it on the smoker for about ten hours-- yep that one... well, hubby got it out to get it ready-- and guess what? it expired--- on the 11th. i bought it AFTER that. my EYES. i swear i checked that date. so anyhow-- soulman and i had to fight about, i mean, decide which one of us would be the unlucky one to go take it back. it wasn't me. :))
i bought it the first time.

anyhow-- my biggest plan for the day is to clean my stupid kitchen... and eat a pigs ass for dinner. :))
i KNOW it's a shoulder-- i don't know why they call it an ass.. i mean butt. do you?

ok, i have just been informed that i have pork butt guard duty. gareat. i am not a grill master-- never have been, never claimed to be, never will be. but i was just given the low-down on the egg . i am now the quartermaster of a big green egg. at least for a while. this oughtta prove interesting. he will be back before it's ready, but if i screw it up-- i will nevah live it down.
main reason being--- he burnt the chicken on it last night-- and i kinda razzed him about it. soooo. if i forget or do somethin wrong with this-- he will nag me for the rest of my life about how not only did i buy a rotten pigs ass... but ruined the second one too.


(not mine--but close)

well... i guess on that note i will go clean my kitchen... fun stuff, i know... but nobody else will do it. well, unless you wanna come do it???

happy sunday y'all