Sunday, May 13, 2012


hiya peeps -

my soul sis requested a story, i don't have one right now - but i'm sure i can come up with somethin when i have more time .  i just wanted to come in here real quick and let ya know i am thinkin of all my mom friends today.  yes sis - that includes you. (btw- call me back!)

ya know , today i have received more 'happy mothers' day's ' - than any other in the past.  i don't know why - but it is very most awesome - in its awesomeness.  obviously my lil soul family would do this - cuz i am z- soul mamma.  :))  but as for friends ?  i don't know about y'all, but i just don't expect this from folks who i am not related to.  so i have to say THANK YOU !!! - big and humble right here.
it means so much this particular year -- i spose because this year, and this past many months, i have had a terrible time dealing with the losses of my two sons.  it has been many years since they 'left ' here.  one would think that a person would just move on already.  some years are better than others i guess.  this past year,  not so much.   today?  no complaints.  i didn't wake up thinking bad or sad thoughts or anything.... but the happy mothers day wishes keep coming ....  and i cannot forget the fact that i am a mom of THREE beautiful babies.   and i also have many - (too many) - friends that i dearly love --- whose message i have to think has that symbolic hug behind it that only a mom who has lost a child knows --
so today i want to say

happy mothers day to ALL the moms out there!!!!!!

but a very special -- happy mothers day to the  moms to the angel babies  --  !  there are no other moms like us!!!

i write this in honor of my angel babies

my very special gift from God

and to all of YOU -- 
i love you !!!