Sunday, September 25, 2011

playin catch up

howdy folks -

have you seen the price of coffee? 

 this is at my wallgreens -

how have your last few days been goin?  not a whole lot has been very different here in my world.  sick people, fishin, biness stuff, just pretty regular ole junk .  i spent three sick days on house arrest. that was really no fun at all.  i had got used to staying pretty active since my ribs healed.  i made myself a promise after that happened.  and that was to stop living such a sickeningly stagnant lifestyle.  it was killing me.  and once i changed so drastically in that way.  i noticed that physically and mentally i was like a different person. well, not really a different person.... but i was ME again.  i could carry on full conversations, i could even hear better.  i could think more clearly, and i physically felt better. i had less pain and more energy.  it was crazy.  then suddenly a few weeks ago - i hit with bronchitis - ouch -- a couple days laid out -- then boom ! literally the day after my antibiotics for bronchitis were done? day eleven? strep throat ! bah !  but -- it wasn't as bad as it coulda been.  both of those usually really lay me out -- but i handled them both better than i ever have in my life.  of course it was no fun.  but neither was worse than any other type of any other cold .  so i felt pretty lucky there.  on the other hand?  my poor soulkid is takin a lickin.  she has missed several days work and it is kickin her butt.  she had to go back to the dr yesterday and get stronger antibiotics.  poor thing.  she looks , and feels , even sounds really bad.  i feel awful for her.  it's been a long time since she has been this sick.

on a better note -- like i said -  i have been able to get out of the house more this last couple days -- and of course i used my time wisely - and went fishin a couple times :)))  y'all know that is my favorite thing to do --

 above- was yesterday - umm, before i fell in the water :))
yes - it's true , still a little lopsided from the sick

 so - i switched to 'drop-shotting', and sitting to fish

 of course, the size of the fish changed dramatically 
but i didn't mind !

 time warp -
friday night

 this is a really bad picture of me -
hubby looks pretty damn good 

we took the girl and her boyfriend - to dinner and a movie-  saw "Moneyball"  not terrific , but good enough to see.  maybe.  it was long. and us girls were sick.  i wasn't awful sick, but like i said , poor soulkid .  wow. her boyfriend isn't sick yet .. and boy am i surprised.

welp - that's about all i got to say for now -- i'm all caught up for now.  
hope you all have really good days in your worlds today!