Monday, April 7, 2008

i'm in hell !!!

well, earlier today, i thought hell had frozen over. but that was then. at like 2:30 or so.. when i got home from lunch.
yep-- i actually got out and socialized--- surprised eh? well, i went and met Jlee for lunch and then coffee at Starbucks. we've met a few times now. always a good time. it's kinda funny now. we are both pretty shy, and our first couple times meeting we were a little nervous , but really didn't have any trouble talking together or anything. but now, it goes along pretty smoothly. we haven't had an opportunity to get a picture before , but today i brought my camera-- of course the wind was blowing.. so we can't brag about our hair-- but it's not like I ever can. :))
so here we are , sitting outside at Starbucks --- (take 4 btw -- I am so NOT photogenic. Jlee looked really good in every shot-- I on the other hand, looked like a double chinned llama ! :))

(Jlee /Soul)

(even in the best of the worst-
i look like a double - chinned llama !)
but- we had a good time anyhow.

SO anyhow-- where was i ??

ahh, yes...

i got home somewhere around 2:30 ish. to find a A/C van in MY parking space in my driveway.
hmmm. i wasn't expecting them today, but i must say , i was a bit happy to see them.
i wasn't sure "who" they were at that time, because i hadn't seen that particular van yet. so i went inside, and asked hubby about it-- turned out-- it was the guys that stole my flashlight. terrific. *SIGH*. i then asked if they called first. he of course said "NO". neither of us like that. we like to have the animals put up-- it is a morbid fear of ours, since chicklet got run over, that one of the animals will get out.
so anyhow-- when the opportunity presented itself-- i confronted the guy-- with the cast-- and asked-- "did you happen to accidentally take my flashlight from the attic last time you were here" ? he looked all innocent and silent for a minute-- i firmed my tone a bit-- i wasn't mean or challenging.. just askin, ya know... but now, i was a little bit like-- (i KNOW you took it asshole-- give it up) ya know? so i say "it's yellow, and square.. it was by the the attic..????""""" so he says... " i saw it in my van, maybe my guy, he took it, on accident."".. " i will ask him""// "yes, you do that"

so.. he goes back out. they came in and out a dozen times over the next hour or so... didn't say another word to either of us.

in the meantime... it just keeps gettin hotter-- and hotter-- and freakin HOTTER. we were friggin sweating! stickin to the leather damn couch. making me hate on the soul =- chairs. wishin we never bought them in the first place. ugh.

(who wants a good deal on some soul chairs???
tell ya what i'm gonna do !

86.3 °F / 30.2 °C

so, maybe at like 3:15 -ish-- just out of curiosity -
i check the weather channel online --
yep -- 86 damned degrees ---
surely it was 96 inside !
and we were feelin every bit of it !

soulman got lucky, and got to work the night-shift tonight-
in the air conditioned building -

because -
you guessed it-
not long after he left, at like 3:45 or so,
the guy -- with the cast --
comes inside, and says -
" we don't have all the parts,
we will have to come back tomorrow."

OMG !!!!
that man is lucky i didn't go mental on his ass !
i could have ya know?
all hot and bitchy and already not likin him much.

so anyhow-- after they left, me and soulkid went to a few stores,
just to cool off for a while.

we went and got her new eye glasses,
went and returned a camera case i got that was too small,
and went to target for a while.
now we are back.. and it's really not much cooler than it was when we left.
and, i am not very happy.
and, it's dinner time.. and i really don't think i will be lighting the stove tonight.
soooo. wth does that mean???
cereal? mcdonalds? i oughtta send the landlord all the restaurant bills for this passed week !

somebody help meeeeeee

is it ME- or am i cursed???

howdy peeps----

yep-- late again.
i finally got some sleep-- unfortunately-- it almost made soulkid late for school... and screwed up my entire morning routine. but i spose that's alright-- cuz we all survived. so far. but it does feel like a monday-- even though every day is about the same around here for me.

i have a lot on my to-do list today---

and also-- my damned taxes really must get finished. there's just a couple things that need to get slapped on the 07 one and it can be fired off on the computer----
BUT--- 2006 --- UGH. STILL not done. we have to find a place to take them to. we have got two estimates-- both extremely ridiculously HIGH. one "maybe 200.00 -is" the other could be "almost 300.00 ish"

it's crap, i say.
but it must be done-- lest we go to jail. that would not be good :((
and we don't know how to do that year ourselves-- or obviously it would be done. right.
it's a 1099 though, and no matter how hard we try we just don't "get it" we gotta get it turned in somewhere-- cost what it might. and we are liable to have to pay on that year-- even tho we were living in poverty-- in NM> UGH. gawd i hate that state!

anyhow-- we also need to move some furniture around today-- i no longer can live with a bed siting in my doorway--- we got a bigger bed for the guestroom last week... and soulman has been too busy to mess with it-- if i could take down and move the one that's in there-- i could have prolly done it by now-- but i can't . so hopefully today we will get that done.

aaaaand-- STILL not one word from the home owner on the A/C!!!
todays temp is forcast at 81 degrees. normally i would be doin the happy dance! i love weather like that-- i was born for temps like that-- but only if i choose to swelter ! NOT IN my house !
wtf are we gonna do??? it won't be long before we are hittin 90 degrees here...
HOLY CRAP! i HEAR SOMETHING IN THE ATTIC!!!! at least i think so-- if not--its on the roof and very pissed-- i must go look-- i'm scared! LOL

well holy crap!! i din't actually see what it is-- but something has been eating the poison and seeds etc.. there's a trail of dust and seed shells..and POOP. i wonder what it is.... how gross !
whatever it or they are-- i hope they STAY UP there-- and don't get in the house!!! eeeewwwweeee.

welp-- i reckon that's about all i have time for right now-- i gotta get things movin here.

i'll catch up with y'all this afternoon--

happy monday!!!