Tuesday, May 13, 2008

how people think in a bind

well well well....
thank God yesterday is OVAH!
it was horrible for me, but it is gone. and i am glad of that.

i don't feel so horrible today, and i will not whine today. i hate to do that-- for me , and especially y'all. it really was a bad day tho. ugh.

anyhow.. part of what i was gonna continue with yesterday, was just that on sunday as i was out, on my way home from my shopping hell. i had witnessed a car wreck. it wasn't terrible or anything. more of a fender bender, but it coulda been worse. i was pullin into the wal mart parking lot, and i saw a car coming out, onto the main road. i could tell he wasn't gonna stop.. i just knew he was gonna blow the stop sign, and go into traffic...i looked into my rear view mirror, and damned if he didn't do just that! what happened? he got T-boned! sure enough. (at 35-40 mph ) i almost didn't stop. but i couldn't not..no one else did. so i parked and walked over there. he was just kinda pacing around.. he was near 30 i guess.. but the lady in the car? had to be 65-70-ish. she was just sittin there , crying, with her hands over her face-- APOLOGIZING.
first, i asked the guy-- is she ok.. he says "ya, I"M ok".. i said , NO is SHE ok.again he says "ya I"M ok".. good LORD..
that's when i checked her.. before i got her out of the car, i of course asked about her neck and back etc.. she said that was all ok, she just had some air bag bruises..so i walked her to my car and let her sit there til the cops and ambulance got there. i noticed a pack of smokes in her purse , so let her smoke. lord knows i woulda needed one-or ten! i asked if she was married.. she was.. so had her call her husband--- she was too hysterical to talk, so i just had her give me his number and i talked to him... holy crap the guy was an asshole. he sounded pissed off that she got in a wreck ! didn't even ask if she was ok. said he didn't know where the location i gave him was..and sounded like he didn't even care, and wasn't gonna come at all. after i gave himj the location, i hung up--he didnt even ask to talk to her !!!
when the ambulance and cops came , she was gonna go in the ambulance so she called to tell him where they were gonna take her-- she APOLOGIZED to him for gettin in a wreck! i heard her say..i'm sorry, it wasn't my fault, i had the right of way..etc..she had stopped crying--UNTIL she was on the phone with HIM.
WHY do (some) men have to be like that?

i just could NOT EVER imagine my husband being that way. he is ALWAYS THE FIRST person i ever think of when i need someone. and even if i got in a wreck that was my fault-- he wouldn't be mad at me.. or even if he was-- it would never be his first thought. he would make sure i was ok, and be by my side in a flash before anything else.

i was just shocked at the reaction of this lady-- apologizing... her husband not givin a shit.. the other guy--who was at fault--only caring of HIMself--

i don't know...

it's things like this that really make me appreciate my family.

i will admit .. i have given soulman plenty of reasons to be or get pissed off at me.... but when it comes down to it-- i am still first in his mind when somethin bad happens.

and so is he for me.

how bout you?