Wednesday, September 23, 2009

never a dull moment --

howdy peeps !

top o' the mornin to ya-

so. guess what? i finally remembered what i wanted to say here yesterday. ugh. damn memory. or lack of. anyhow---
i have -- well, i got some potentially good news! the other day - when i had my procedure done on my back, i got up from a nap--- actually it was more an escape from the pain -- but soulman says "hey, guess who called me today?"
hmmm, lessee? who could that be?
so i start to guess a few times-- by the time i hit my third guess, i of course was Damien. umm, i mean , kinda irritated. i didn't feel like playing. i just wanted to know. ya know? :O
he finally spits it out--
"patrick, from the moving company!"
'ooooh... what did he have to say?'

turns out, he had SIX signatures he needed to get to 'my cop'. hahahahahah. soulman said fax that shit asap.
i'm sure hoping that he did. this could be the break we've been 'patiently waiting' for! :))

so anyhow-- that was , what? -- monday, right. well, i'm gonna call my detective today and see if he got those signatures, and i hope i hope i hope-- he made a match !!!!! (to the signature on the pawn ticket) .
you know i don't have ANY expectation of getting a thing back that belongs to me. i'm almost sure it's been sold to a melting place , and is now entirely something- and somebody elses.
but now-- i am out for justice. or revenge if that's the word you want to use. it has been extremely difficult for me, and soulman both, to let the cops handle this in a civil manor--- rather than goin out and bustin heads -- or whatever other stupid idea has crossed our minds.

perhaps there really is something to this "patience" thing.?

anyhow-- if i get any new news i will be sure to letya know.

ok---- what else? hmmm. well, for one thing-- it's 7 a.m. and i haven't heard one alarm go off yet. this IS a school day right? yeh, thought so. i don't wanna go up the stairs, but i reckon it might not be a bad idea. i could check out my legs. they really do feel lots better since the rhizotomy--- but i also had a lumbar steroid epidural-- that's what i think made the difference in my legs. i guess i've been a big baby lately -- protecting myself- trying not to hurt anything. but today seems pretty good. nothin miraculous. aside from my legs. the rest of me still feels pretty much for the norm.

except----the weirdest thing is-- i can get an itch or somethin on the back of my neck. i go to scratch or move my hair-- or whatever.... it's all extremely NUMB there. i have feeling inside etc--- but to touch it-- i almost don't feel it. make sense? weird. i hope that part changes. very strange. i'll give it a couple more days before i get weird about it.

soooo anyways-- i guess that's it for today around here..
spose i best venture up the stairs to wake my child.

ooooh i think i hear the shower!!! tell me she's up! i don't wanna go upstairs., ok i will. ugh.

happy humpday folks !