Tuesday, March 23, 2010

well, now that that's outta the way (dot-dot-dot)

yeh. so. how do you do peeps?

it's tuesday. right? already feels like friday. too bad it aint. ugh. i amm all kindsa thrown off from the stayin up all night the other day. i was afraid it was gonna happen again last night, but thank goodness, soulman gave me a heads up that he was gonna go to bed early -- well, kinda early -- around 1030. but he told me around 945 -- so i of course downed the beddy bye meds in a hurry -- hoping my mindset wouldn't over rule my fear of bein left "up". so, i took my meds, did some crap online -- ooh and i had a most interestin conversation with brenda and her sister on facebook -- it's up there for the whole world to see if ya wanna scope it out. would you believe that we -- slight possibility- could be related in some distant way? . very strange -- but cool too. lots of first names in common, but last names, not real sure. and yes i know that's where the 'family' part comes in. but it was really a fun conversation.

anyhow-- i may have had a slight outta my head moment goin as the meds were kickin in.. but i enjoyed it . talkin with brenda and her sis. it was both fun and funny. and weather we are blood kin or not-- they adopted me . :))

and i was actually chilled enough afterwards to go to bed-- before soulman :)) and i slept -- and that was good.

although-- the day was quite the bust. as far as my chores etc went. soulman tho-- thank my God for him. i was in a lot of pain yesterday, and even though i had agreed to clean out the fridge-- we both knew my back and legs weren't gonna hold out for that-- at least not yesterday. i told him i would do it today , but we both just knew that it could not wait one more day -- not one more hour. so he did that too ! :))
the kitchen, dishes AND the fridge -- that oh my gawd-- there was nothin in it to specifically identify -- his best guess? a tomato juice spill way in the back. who the hell knew it could smell like a deer carcass? BARF! i really was ready to have him haul the entire thing to the dump and replace it. but now? it's poy-fect. i am gonna get a couple boxes of baking soda-- but really -- smells new in comparison.

y'all are jealous huh? you can't have him though. he is MINE. all mine! bwa hahahahah.

so. what else? yeh my hair. still not done. but it will for sure be done, if not tonight, tomorrow. he is at work today , but off tomorrow, so i will let him pick the day, cuz he was real busy yesterday here, and i know he's busy today. i can wait. but i will show y'all the new- doo. he does a real good job.

OH hell-

i almost forgot-- ya know what? i got another award. i could get all sassy pants if this continues :))
i'm kiddin. but do y'all realize how long it's been since i got an award? now i got two in almost as many days. ha. (i'm blushing.)

but Kristy - at Ramblings of a Mad Woman sent me this award yesterday. we've been readin each other for a while now. but i spose she says i have a "interesting blog ". and i should have the 'sunshine award." y'all know i will not refuse sunshine. EVER!

i like it-- and i like that she thought of me. lil ole soul.
what is goin on lately? i been feelin all invisible for months -
now i get awards out of the blue. hmmm.
that's ok - i'll take em. and THIS one?
i got sun-shine, on a cloud-y day :))

thanks Kristy !

and guess what? ya don't even have to hardly work for this one :))
that's the best part. here are "The rules "

Giving the Sunshine Award out:

1. Put the award on your blog or within your post
2. Pass the award on to "twelve" bloggers -- yeh right. pick a number. :))
3. Link the nominees within your post
4. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award .
(i already did that part up there.)

as far as passin it out?
anyone that is linked on "places i wander"
over yonder ------->
you get the sunshine award.
it's been a long and yukky winter for everyone.
and we all deserve a little sunshine.
so take it away.
(LYNX- YOU TOO, sorry i don't have you hooked up here yet.)

ok then -- i gotta hit my to do list and my chores and all that fun stuff.

y'all have happy days -- hopefully filled with sunshine ! i haven't been out yet-- but the birds are singin, and i do see sun peekin thru the blinds-- that is a good sign :))