Friday, September 18, 2009

a womans work really IS never done-- tragic i say

well, howdy folks-- and a happy friday to ya--

wussup in your worlds on this fine drizzly day????
here? lots. after i swore, up and down that today would be my day to do absolutely nothing. nada. be in my jammies, and be the laziest slob i could possibly be... well, aside form soulkid school taxi that is. but that is ALL i had on my list for today. my ONLY obligation. ughnfortunately, if you know me at all... that is not the way this day has gone. hmmm. nope. not in the least. i did manage to sleep til about 630 or 7 -- which is pretty good, and actually becoming a nice habit lately. but , once i was up-- i was up and runnin.. well, after about the first half hour of recovery time. that's about how long it takes for the coffee and meds to kick in. but after that? well... it was banks, and bills, and that usual kind of thing. and since i've been so busy-- and neglectful these passed few days on that sort of thing it was a bit of a nightmare. it took a couple of hours to get through it. i gotta admit though-- i was amazed when i finished with my checkbook-- even lacking several receipts--- i managed to exactly match the banks balance to mine -- to a T !!!! whatever that means. who came up with that one i wonder? anyhow--- that rarely --- if ever happens on the first round-- but it did today. i was thrilled.

anyhow--- y'all know-- i'm easy to please .

ok, so anyways... there's more i could bore you with on the business end-- but i won't-- at least not right now :))

but i am reading an unbound , rough draft manuscript, of a book ; authored by a good friend of one of my sisters, and OMG, when she has that thing published (yes she does have a publisher and everything-- just waitin on the final touches. woo hoo) anyways-- when it's on the shelves i will let you know-- cuz if i get my attention tangled into a book this early on... it is a really really good read. y'all must get it. i almost never read... and really, when i do-- i hardly ever finish it. too blind--- too , unable to concentrate... whatever my deal is... i just can't read. as much as i would love to -- i absolutely cannot. maybe one book a year-- out of the maybe half a dozen i attempt.
so yes--- remember--- when i mention this book later on-- it's a MUST READ --K?

ummmm... what else?

i spose not much ... (i just typoed--"not muSh" ) i shoulda left it there... cuz that's my mind today. ugh.

well, looks like the hubby and i will be fishin a bass tourney tomorrow... it's a short one, so hopefully i will survive it... it's only like four hours. it's been ages since we've fished a tourney-- well hell.. it's been forever since we even fished on the boat together. i hope my body holds up. i've really been pushin it lately.

oh.. speakin of the ole bod--- i have the 'rhizotomy' scheduled for monday.
part of me is lookin forward to it--- and of course--- part of me thinks i'm insane for even thinking of such a thing. i saw my pain doc a couple days ago-- whenever my sis left-- and he said he will also do the steroid shots in my lower back at the same time.. that would be lumbar spine-- for you medical nerds like me :)). i don't like the sound of this -- the closer it gets. y'all know i'm a pain whimp. even though it's my life--- i don't relish the thought of bringing more on--- purposely.

haelP me !!!!

well anyhow-- i reckon that's enough outta me for one day-

below is my new favorite song... i'm sure i'll tire of it after about a week... i usually do.. but for now-- i kinda like it-- and it only took me 3 years to even find it. i'm so outta the loop it's a bit scary sometimes isn't it? hmmmm.

hope you all have happy happy weekends peeples!!!