Tuesday, August 25, 2009

heard this song today

how friggin suitable for the news i got as well.
guess what? the cameras were down at the pawn shop that my stolen jewelry was hocked at the day i was robbed. yep. know what that means dontchya? no positive I.D. = no case. why should i be surprised? i guess i'm not. it's cuz i'm ME. remember?
at least soulkid gets her ring back. i get one ring back. i lost a lot more . i may be able to get money... but there is no price for the meaning that stuff held. ya know?
bastards. times like this i wish i was a man so i could go kick someones ass. dammit.

a day and other stuff

yeh, it's been one of these nights :

i really have nights like that. thinking the most ridiculous things, just as i'm drifting off to sandman land.
well, that-- or most often, what happens is i will get to sleep , then wake up two hours later at like 130--0r 330-- even 3:33 :)) -- with the dumbest crap on my mind; unable to get back to sleep.

so, yeh. last night was another of those kindsa nights. i think i was asleep for an hour or two when i woke up--- for no friggin reason, thinkin stupid thoughts. nothing like blenders, or wood chippers-- not even penises. i coulda handled that maybe :))
anyhow-- i got up. no sense in even trying to go back to sleep at that point. full bladder, full head, you know the drill. well some of ya do.
so i get up, and make the coffee-- again, only having to press start :)) -- i can't believe the dumb shit that makes me happy.
i get online just to kill time, and i guess i dozed off. next thing i knew soulman was there telling me to go back to bed-- it was 332 ! one more minute, i woulda felt a bit weird. just the 333 thing ya know. but i stayed up. one of those-- "i'm up nooow" things.

my head goes in ten different directions immediately. good lawd i hate that.
it always makes me think of a book i bought several months ago, but haven't cracked the cover on-- "an unquiet mind". written by--and about - some bi-polar woman. her autobiography actually. anyhow-- that's me. i have an unquiet mind too. at least a lot of the time. i wish for one day... i could just focus. not have so much going on up there at once ya know? it gets quite bothersome. and causes little to get accomplished around here. (at least by me.)
the other two have actually been keeping up pretty good on their "lists". i'm impressed.

yesterday though, i spent the entire day .. no kidding... like an 8 or 9 hour day, catching up on bills, and business stuff that i have allowed to fall through the cracks this last couple months doing all this home buying stuff. oh man. no lie. it was a disaster. as i had been trying to pay things down, and raise our credit scores to buy this house--- there were other bills-- medical bills mostly-- that fell through the cracks and went INTO collections. ugh. so i spent a lot of yesterday trying to get that fixed. well.. i should say - fixing it. i was at least successful.
but oh how it hurt. our bank account dwindled to nothing and one of my paid off credit cards--- well, it's not paid off anymore. robbing peter to pay paul. one of those days. it was awful. but at the same time i was grateful to be able to do what i had to do. one of the bills i paid-- was headed to collection.. that day. phew. talk about luck. wow. a phew more hours coulda really messed up things.

so anyhow. by the time i was done with all that crap-- my fully charged cell phone was on it's very last breath, and i was about to have a stroke.

but-- it wasn't a bad day all around.

soulkid started school, and seemed to have a good day.
soulman was here-- and he did housework, that would surely still be here today-- cuz i didn't have the time yesterday to get to it. he even dropped off and picked up the child from school.---and cooked a pretty darn good dinner. he even did dishes-- and trust me -- there were a lot of dishes. ugh. i hate dishes. i'll never not hate dishes. but-- it's not my job anymore-- soulkid has officially been passed that torch. and does an ok job actually. one day she actually apologized for making me do them for so long. she's growing up. a little :))

anyhow--- i reckon that's enough -- whatever -- outta me for now.

hope y'all have happy days in your worlds.
first day of school for some of y'alls young'ns... good luck with that.
if it was yesterday-- i hope it went well.

guess i shall catchya latah--
another busy day for me here-- but i don't expect to have a stroke over it -- at least i hope not to.

happy tuesday y'all