Tuesday, March 27, 2007

and things change in an instant . . .

well, i don't have much to say right now. just thought i'd fill some space in time for a moment or two.

just when ya think that it's changed,
you see you've relapsed to soulmange.

the pic above is me when i was young...like 7 ish.... long before soulmange.
(the other pic is my cats...jitterbug and spot.) i tried to put them down here, but i didn't know how...yessss, i AM moron.

yep. another rough day.
maybe it will get better later...who knows. but so far.... well...it's crap.

hope yours is better.


ok, i'm back. the day didn't end on such a bad note after all. so, as long as the house doesn't fall in on me, or some other unforseen disaster...i'm pretty good for now. i'm fixin-ta go to bed even, and it's not horribly late...yet. it's a little after 11 pm... i'm hoping i won't still be laying here at 1, like the passed several nights.

but...anyhow. still not a whole lot that is blog worthy has happened today. i ran errands, paid bills.... bought my first carton of cigs since i quit quitiing. i had buying them by the pack, trying to convince myself that i would quit again soon. well..HA. not. i'm back to smokin like a train just like before. and it was gettin pretty expensive buyin a pack or two every day. soooo, i broke down.
i also went to blockbuster...again. after only watching one of the two movies we got the other day. we watched "lets go to prison"...it had it's funny moments. it's worth watching, but not very realistic. sort of that slapstick sort of funny, not genuine funny. we skipped Borat. i didn't want to see that one anyhow. but today i got happy feet, and the pursuit of happiness. only made it through happy feet. i have been wanting to see that since it came out, but never made it, so was glad to get it today. my kid was too into her own thing...like washing her hair for an hour, so she didn't watch it with us...plus, she'd already seen it like three times. but hubby and i liked it.
didn't watch the other one yet tho. watched american idol, and happy feet, and here i am. in my bed. ya know this bed isn't very old...maybe three years...and it is really beginning to suck ! that or my back is just getting worse. but i want a new bed. we had our last one for like twelve years, eleven maybe. it held up a lot longer than this one befor it started to get uncomfortable. now here i am, insomniac from hell, with a shitty bed to boot. aint it great?

so anyhow...i guess i shall throw a couple pics on here and call it a day.
more tomorrow...maybe. i have lots to do. so we shall see.

well i must go...the entire clan just came in and is reading over my shoulder...or at least i feel like it.